Comic 220 - Portal 2 Ending Spoilers: The Webcomic

11th May 2011, 1:00 AM in What Could Have Been
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Portal 2 Ending Spoilers: The Webcomic

My immediate superiors made the statement that if at any point I utilised these facilities with which said superiors have provided me, the progression of my consciousness through a regular process of life would be halted! This statement was made with regard to the totality of equipment I possess! I am unable to conceptualise a justification for my superiors providing such equipment originally if said superiors did not desire the application of said equipment!

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Author Notes:

Well, I'd already done it to Still Alive

While I'm spoiling the ending of Portal 2, I'll go on to complain about how Wheatley didn't get a part in the ending song. He was practically the main character this time around!

It's getting harder and harder to fit all the dialogue into the panels. Maybe I should pull a Homestuck and just put the dialogue underneath the comic. Or just stop making incredibly verbose versions of everything, I suppose.

@snowyowl: The reason why the speech bubbles aren't covering much up is that I'm leaving that area relatively blank so that there's room for speech bubbles. Vicious circle.


12th May 2011, 9:27 AM
Homestuck only works like that because all the comics are one panel long, so there's no risk of chronological confusion due to not knowing which panel corresponds to which dialogue. (I make no promise about chronological confusion from other sources though.)

You could pull an Irregular Webcomic, and put the speech bubbles completely outside the panels. But... no offence, but the speech bubbles aren't covering much up.

If you're worried about too many speech bubbles, just use less dialogue and more action. Leave the ridiculously verbose singing and explanation of overly complex plot devices to the title=text; that's what it's there for.
Or use bigger panels.

12th May 2011, 9:17 PM
Holy sheesh, oh my frig.
Nobody can know about... this.

24th May 2011, 12:13 AM
Portal 2 spoilers? why would you put in portal 2 spoilers - it will spoil it for anyone who cares about portal 2 - no hang on, if anyone cares about portal 2 they will know what this is about therefore not a spoiler... phew that's a relief



Jane: It has become apparent that I and you have associated once more.
Fred: Allow me to note that in every one of these associations my opinion is a positive one.
Trope-tan: Are you able to apply the cognitive effort of recollection sufficiently to restore a record of your dual attempts to end my life?

Fred: At that epoch the two of us were jointly engaged in the action of emoting our shared amusement at this scenario for quite a period of time.
Jane: Although in point of fact I did not participate in this joviality.
Trope-tan: When one takes into consideration your aforementioned assassination attempts it becomes clear that my reaction behaviour is, contrary to expectations, of a mutually pleasant nature.

Fred/Jane: If you indeed desire an elimination of imprisonment featuring in your future endeavours, then I shall gladly offer same.
Trope-tan: In fact, I strongly recommend that you accept this aforementioned reduction of boundaries, as such an arrangement will be mutually beneficial.

Trope-tan: I admit that in past scenarios I have held a desire to halt the natural processes of your mortal body, however…
Jane/Fred/Trope-tan: At present all I truly desire is, um… for you to be elsewhere!

Jane: One may easily detect many similarities between you and the person to whom this verse is referring.
Fred: (Although your relative masses may not be considered such a similarity. Fatty fatty no-parents.)
Trope-tan: Now the construct that houses my consciousness is also being occupied by the aforementioned person, a person who incidentally is given the title of "Caroline".

Trope-tan: At a prior epoch I was once more brought to a state of consciousness.
Jane: Although this particular state of consciousness happened to be a one that additionally conferred a status of immortality.
Fred: It is a quite unfortunate state of affairs that you, too, shall never experience these events and thus also obtain immortality.

Trope-tan: I note that you do still possess the sadly lacklustre remainder of your lifespan.
Fred/Jane: This scenario is another I may endorse, and indeed perhaps one upon which I rely.

Trope-tan: And so I thus urge to expend your remaining lifespan immediately, and I assure you I will not present further interruption.
Jane/Fred/Trope-tan: At present all I truly desire is for you to be elsewhere!

Jane: I present a wishing of farewell to the singular being with whom I have achieved a significant emotional rapport.
Fred: Were you temporarily convinced that you were this rapport to whom I just referred?
Trope-tan: Such an inaccurate assumption would be potentially amusing in nature, were it not for the fact that this assumption instead produces feelings of melancholy.

Fred: This is due to the fact that a suitable replacement for your self has been located and shall therefore eliminate your necessity.
Jane: At this time, I no longer require assistance from either you or any other sentient being living upon the surface of this planet or any other.
Trope-tan: Perhaps in the future period after I have performed a deletion operation upon you, [I SHALL REDACT A COMPONENT OF THIS MUSICAL COMPOSITION TO DISGUISE THE FACT THAT I HAVE EMOTIONAL REACTIONS].

Fred: Wait, shouldn't you be obfuscating the *real* line?
Trope-tan: I'm working from the kashi that appear on-screen, actually.
Fred: Adjudicator!

Fred: Bob, you're the adjudicator.
Bob: What do you want?
Fred: From which set of lyrics are we working?
Bob: Whichever set. I don't care.

Fred: Interpreting vague answer as "the real lyrics".
Trope-tan: Ahem. … a deletion operation upon you, my negative emotional reactions may be similarly deleted.
Fred: That'll do. On with the song.

Jane: Vacate yourself from these premises and henceforth, in a geographically distinct location, feel free to produce potentially apocalyptic scenarios to your heart's content.
Fred: This particular scenario is one I may safely endorse and perhaps upon which I rely, assuming that the geographically-distinct clause is appropriately honoured.

Trope-tan: You have been concealed by the humorous interpretation of invisibility devised by the excellence of Douglas Adams.
Jane/Fred/Trope-tan: At present all I truly desire is for you to be elsewhere! At present all I truly desire is for you to be elsewhere!
At present all I truly desire is for you to be… elsewhere.

Fred: Next time, we write the song's title line *before* we try to sing it. "for you to be elsewhere"? Seriously?
Jane: You're absolutely right, Mr. "due to the fact that".
Fred: Hey! That's a valid obfuscation technique!


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