Comic 152 - Blargh, Exposition

27th Aug 2010, 12:55 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Blargh, Exposition

Okaaay, let's just call that the most confusing encounter I've ever had in my life, and talk about something else. Hey, look! Exposition regarding temporal mechanics! How very humourous and exciting! Yay! Certainly not just filler caused by lack of decent writing at present! Nope!

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Author Notes:

Okay, I got two comics done in the week. That's not too bad, right? Especially since I need to modify old pages too!

On another note, when I was editing the past page for today, iTunes started playing "The Big Boom". Yay for coincidentally appropriate music.

@The One Guy: I know, I know. Modifying my archives like this is a problem. Even if it's gorram awesome. :(
@Kimundi: Sorry, I fail to understand. What exactly do you mean?


27th Aug 2010, 3:01 PM
It makes me glad that I finished my archieve binge before you started making changes.

28th Aug 2010, 4:20 AM
How about presenting the changes to the past comics with a seperate timeline? Something along the lines of:

*Technobabble about there now being two timelines

15th May 2013, 7:56 AM
Other bad things to say:
"Well, there's no turning back now."
"This is going to be the best Christmas Wilfred has ever had."



Jane: Why exactly is this such a problem? We can just jump back, knock me on the noggin and shoot me into the present, no?
Trope-tan: While I appreciate the MST3K reference, it's not that simple.

past!Trope-tan: Recall the alternate universe bit in Back To The Future Part II.
Jane: Oh... I think I get it. Since past!me was left behind, I've essentially become Grey's. Sports. Almanac.
Except I'm not a book. And I probably can't just jump back and set myself on fire, since that'd cause a much bigger paradox. And hurt.

Trope-tan: Precisely. Your presence in the past has branched off a parallel reality, in which the main characters had several comics worth of knowledge from the future.
past!Trope-tan: The plot could travel in a completely different direction from that point!
Suppose you were *defeated* by Capta- by that guy that you got the first Colour Drop from!

Trope-tan: You would never have gone to the Pit of Eternal Peril and Damnation...
past!Trope-tan: ... and we would never have met ...
Trope-tan: ... and never have reached the Satellite of Love...
past!Trope-tan: ... and, finally, never gained access to the GIGAHERTZ!
Trope!tan/past!Trope-tan: Historical revisionism five!

Trope-tan: Huge paradox.
Jane: Bam, and reality is gone?
Trope-tan: Pretty much.

Jane: So how much time have we got?
Trope-tan: The changes to the timeline are progressing at about the same rate as the timeline itself, so...
past!Trope-tan: ... we've got essentially unlimited time?

Trope-tan: Yep! Unless the Author starts making alternate-reality comics faster than main comics.
past!Trope-tan: Which is astronomically unlikely!
Jane: So we'll be fine!
What could possibly go wrong?

Trope-tan: ... you did not just say that.
past!Trope-tan: We are *so* dead now.


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