Comic 99 - Preparations

14th Apr 2010, 4:00 AM in Fridge Logic
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Of course, *I* didn't get an invitation to the Author's party. Thanks a lot, Author.

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Author Notes:


14th Apr 2010, 5:35 PM
can I come to the author's party?



Xavius: Why, exactly, did we do absolutely nothing when the comic started losing narrativium?

Author: Because I wrote the plot such that you can't thwart Stage One.
If the comic hadn't collapsed at all, I couldn't use all the extra plotlines I'm going to use in the coming chapters.

Xavius: Are we going to do something about it *now*?
Author: Nope.
Because right now, this is the ninety-ninth comic.

Xavius: Yes, I had noticed that.
Author: And that means tomorrow's comic... is the one-hundredth comic.
Xavius: Yes, I do understand basic mathematics.

Author: One hundred comics: a very important milestone, which is why there will be a party.

Author: A party which we need to prepare. Now.
Xavius: Provided you increase my compensation by another 300 Awesome Points.
Author: Sigh. Fine.

Author (imitating narrator): Several panels of preparation later...
Author: Bananas?
Xavius: Check.
Author: Party poppers?
Xavius: Check.

Author: Secretly spiked fruit punch? What is fruit punch, anyway? It seems to get spiked a lot...
Xavius: Check, in any case.
Author: Tranquilisers?
Xavius: Check.
Author: Tranquiliser *gun*?
Xavius: Check.
Author: Escape pod?
Xavius: Primed, and ready to go.


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