Comic 92 - Trapped?

29th Mar 2010, 4:00 AM in Fridge Logic
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Fortunately, Trope-tan has her BFQ available. It can't be that hard to get stuff done when you're carrying a giant quill.

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Author Notes:

TV Tropes references: Art Evolution | Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers | Deus Ex Machina | Understatement

... only four tropes? Really? There's probably more, but a trope-lite comic should probably slot in after that Trope Overdosed one. Wait. I think I just invoked Breather Episode, but with tropes instead of darkness and terror. Sigh.


29th Mar 2010, 11:26 AM
likes this (oh sorry i thought i was still on facebook)



Bob: Explain. Now.
Jane: Trope-tan is the anthropomorphic moe personification of TV Tropes. As for what she's doing here... no clue.
Trope-tan: Art style... vector-based? Unusual.

Trope-tan: No, no, this is all wrong!
Bob: Aah! Don't hurt me!

Trope-tan: That plot hole... this should be Avatar And The Airbending Fellowship Of Vampire Slayers!
Bob: Please stop swinging around the giant quill.

Trope-tan: But it's clearly somewhere else entirely!
Bob: ... yes? This is The Way Of The Metagamer, a webcomic about Dungeons and Dragons with no fourth wall whatsoever.

Trope-tan: I need to get out of here!
I'm needed in AATAFOVS for a DeusExMachina!

Bob: You... want to get out of the comic?
Trope-tan: Yes! Exactly! Now!

Bob: I'm outta here!
Jane: Wait!
Jane: Oh! I know how to get out of the comic! Come this way!
Fred: Oh no! We're surrounded by goblins!
Bob: More importantly, we're *still* in the comic.

Bob: You might find that... a little difficult.
Trope-tan: The art used to really, really suck...


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