Comic 90 - Mathematical Instrument Of Doom

24th Mar 2010, 3:32 PM in Fridge Logic
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Mathematical Instrument Of Doom

Besides, there's just so much upkeep necessary on an endless pit of flames and terror. Protractors are cheap and almost as permanently traumatising.

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Author Notes:

Whee, it's a double-length special! Without a big double-length special label at the top! I figured the readers are probably smart enough to notice that there are twice as many panels without a notice saying so.

There's also a new character, the purple-haired waitress Serena. She's not so cute, so she doesn't earn a personal character sheet in the author notes.

TV Tropes references: Author Avatar | Bare Your Midriff | Brain Bleach | Broken Bridge | Bread Eggs Milk Squick | Doomy Dooms Of Doom | Fire And Brimstone Hell | Interactive Narrator | Lampshade Hanging | Long List | Mary Sue | Noodle Implements | Odd Shaped Panel | Rule Of Funny | Stripperiffic

Let's just say this comic is Troperiffic.


25th Mar 2010, 4:06 PM
I think you should share your morbid fear of protractors with a therapist - or perhaps your maths teacher

9th Jul 2010, 10:37 PM
You are trying way too hard. Less is more man. Tropes are good and all, but just being a Cliche Storm isn't necessarily justified by mentioning each of the little tropes that crop up.

The best strategy is to deliberately not avoid tropes and then, in retrospect, pay attention to said tropes. Putting a trope in just so you can lampshade it tends to come off as forced.

But then again, I've never published anything on the internet, so what do I know?

17th Jul 2012, 1:22 AM
What about Eye Scream? Or does it not count if it's only implied?


21st Dec 2013, 10:11 AM
a protractor or a compass?

I don't see how a protractor could be harmful, but I do see how a compass would be.

edit ok wait

21st Dec 2013, 1:06 PM
so given future comics, it appears that it does mean protractor.

I don't understand what might be painful about a protractor.



Bob: Well, crap. We need to find a way past the river, since it's apparently completely impossible to wade through.

Jane: Not really a problem. We just need to walk outwards in an ever-expanding spiral until we find a bridge.

Xavius: We haven't really got time for exhaustive search algorithms.
Author: True. The comic could fracture at any moment.
Let's save a little time.

Fred: Okay, I guess we start right here.

Jane: Assuming that a bridge exists somewhere, we should reach the bridge within O(n)^n, or approximately seven million years.

Author: Rectangle! Ctrl-Shift-F! HSB adjust!

Narrator: Several rounds of spiralling later...
Bob: This is getting really boring.
Narrator: I know, right?

Fred: Let's just take a break.

Author: Ctrl-C Ctrl-Alt-V Shift-3 Ctrl-drag Ctrl-Alt-V Ctrl-drag Ctrl-Alt-V Ctrl-drag!

Jane: Who cares about that stupid river, anyway?

Bob: Yeah, we don't need to find a... bridge?
Fred: The spiral worked!

Author: Shift-drag! Ctrl-G! And... DRAG!
Xavius: Incredible! The author is such a powerful character! He is so awesome! Clearly he can do anything!
These lines are parodying the tendency for author-avatar characters to become Mary Sues - both of which, no doubt, the wonderful author will have linked in the TV Tropes references for this comic!

Jane: How fortunate that the broken bridge was repaired for no real reason just when it was necessary for the plot.

Fred: Broken bridge? There wasn't even a bridge here a moment ago!
Jane: It was a {{Lampshade Hanging}}. On the trope {{Broken Bridge}}.
Fred: Oh. Gotcha.

Xavius: So, back to silent observation, then?
Author: Yeah, pretty much. Nothing too bad's happening yet, so we just float around here and be humorous.

Bob: Oh, hey. More anachronistic sliding doors.
Fred: Do you think the author's actually realised that there was no electricity in Medieval times?

Bob: Oh, wow. Another completely grey boring room.
Fred: Personally, I think it's just due to Rule of Funny.

Serena: Welcome to the Pit of Eternal Peril and Damnation!

Serena: Adventurers can get a seat for as little as 5000 gp, plus taxation, postage, handling, medical insurance, tips for attractive waitresses, resupply costs, deathtrap maintenance, and a variety of other small fees described only in extremely fine print. All payments must be made in advance.
Fred: Wow, what a great deal. Three adventurers here, please.

Serena: Thank you for your patronage. Right this way, past the Corridor of Pain, Pointy Objects, And That Thing They Do With A Protractor.
Bob: A protractor? It doesn't really fit the "fire and brimstone hell" theme this place has. Perhaps a red-hot brazier would be more effective? Or an endless pit of flames and terror?

Serena: You haven't actually realised *what* they do with the protractor, sir.
Bob: Oh. Sounds... unpleasant. Well done scarring my mind's eye for all eternity.


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