Comic 84 - Fracture

10th Mar 2010, 5:30 AM in Fridge Logic
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And where are the supposed walruses? And why was I unable to use my Gate spell in the previous few comics to escape?

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Author Notes:

Xavius's line in Panel 2 is a prime example of a Justifying Edit on TV Tropes.

Also, Panel 1 lampshades Let Me Get This Straight.

If it's not entirely clear, the reason why the comic title has been missing for the last few comics is that we're not actually in the comic right now.


10th Mar 2010, 1:38 PM
oooooo that's very existential!

5th May 2013, 3:41 PM
Hey! Filler comics don't count as canon.



Xavius: So you're the in-comic personification of the author of this comic, appearing as a near-omniscient super-character?
Author: Yes, that is exactly what I just said.

Xavius: But isn't that terribly clichéd?
Xavius: It's all completely justified because it's a good comic, Your Ultimate Rulerness.

Author: No, no cliché here. You see, we're not actually in the comic.
Xavius: Hey! You edited my lines!

Xavius: Not in the comic? How is that possible!?

Author: It's possible because you just poked an enormous hole in the comic.

Author: The plot of this comic is extremely tenuous and fragile. Simply pointing out a flaw is enough to tear it asunder.

Xavius: You mean like the way Bob managed to regain the Rod of Za-Boom in that filler comic? Or that in the first few chapters, desaturated characters had grey speech bubbles, yet now they have normal white ones?

Xavius: Or the massive explosion in Comic #43, which had no perceptible source and seemed to appear simply because-
Author: Shut up shut up shut up!


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