Comic 73 - Night Falls

12th Feb 2010, 5:00 AM in Shadows Of Civilisation
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Night Falls

I'll even throw in a free blanket! You don't want blankets? *snip* *snip* How about blankets with SLEEVES?! Hey, where are you all going?

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Author Notes:

SRD references: Secret Chest

Secret Chest doesn't work like that at all.

TV Tropes references: Cliff Hanger | Hammerspace

Ah, joke recycling. Here at The Way Of The Metagamer, we care about the environment. That's why we reuse jokes as often as possible.



Jane: Okay, looks like we're fully equipped for the next adventure.
Fred: Cheater.

Jane: Sigh, fine. Secret Chest!
Fred: I don't think Secret Chest actually works that way.
Jane: So, you'd prefer to carry all those heavy packages?

Fred: Where did Bob get to, anyway?
Jane: Wasn't he picking up a few more weapons or something?

Bob: You're absolutely sure I can't have it?
Annabelle: Yes, sir. As I have told you already, it is most definitely not for sale.

Bartender: For a limited time only, receive a complete exercise regime in the comfort of your own home! Better than a visit to the gym, at less the half the cost: only nine thousand easy payments of $39.40!
Jane: Ha ha ha ha ha. No.


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