Comic 71 - The +5 Rod Of Za-Boom

8th Feb 2010, 5:00 AM in Shadows Of Civilisation
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The +5 Rod Of Za-Boom

... and that's only the LOWEST setting!

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Author Notes:

No SRD references. This comic is formed entirely from the insanity of my mind.

It really is called the Rod Of Za-Boom. And it's awesome.

I had seriously considered extending the blast in panel 6 to go on forever. But then I decided to just make it fade out after only a short time on-panel. With the other blast, in panel 7, I had no choice: if I had allowed it to breach the panel, it would have killed all my main characters instantly.


8th Feb 2010, 11:33 AM
so....great comic.... hows about say.... some.... engineering assignment????????? (oops sorry question marks doing that stack thing again :( )

28th Jul 2010, 3:15 PM
Assignments will always be with us... TWOTM but only a short time...



Jane: We're not dead, which is a rather pleasant state of events.
Bob: What is THIS?

Bob: Well, this thing is awesome.
Fred: I wouldn't be touching that if I were you.
Bob: Yeah, well, you're not me. So shut up.

Jane (whispering): So, why exactly is that thing so dangerous? What is it?
Fred (whispering): I have no idea. I'm assuming that it's dangerous because it glows, and dangerous things glow.



Jane: Y'know what? I think that thing might be just a tiny bit dangerous.


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