Comic 69 - Escape

3rd Feb 2010, 5:00 AM in Shadows Of Civilisation
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The usual DnD fall damage systems aren't considering skyscrapers. Ouch.

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Author Notes:

SRD sources for the above comic: Dimension Door | falling damage rules.

I'll start linking to the SRD for all relevant spells and stuff, for everyone who doesn't play DnD fanatically.


3rd Feb 2010, 1:16 PM
your characters appear to be under the influence of Fanagle's law or possibly alanis morisette's idea of what is ironic....



Jane: You didn't just break the elevator, did you?
Bob: Sure did. That's what they get for playing that song. Over and over and over.

Fred: You do realise that now the elevator's going to free-fall through the shaft, hitting the ground with lethal force and dealing 5280d6 fall damage?

Bob: Ohnowhatarewegoingtodohaveyougotanyusefulspellspreparedcanwetrytorepairtheelevator?!

Jane: Well, uh... I could cast Dimension Door?

Fred: Hurry up and cast it!
Jane: Oh, sorry. Dimension Door!



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