Comic 48 - Secret Exit

14th Dec 2009, 2:16 PM in Tower Of Dread
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Secret Exit

Things are about to get a whole lot worse. Oh dear.

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14th Dec 2009, 3:40 PM
looked - always look - never sure what its about....

4th May 2010, 5:16 AM
I thought you could take 10, not take 20

4th May 2010, 10:37 AM
@Guest: You can do both, under d20 rules.

Taking 10 can be performed at any time you're not under immediate threat, and automatically gives you a 10 on the roll. The descriptive explanation is that you're taking a little care with the action, and have "average" success.

Taking 20 can only be performed if there is no consequence for failure. You basically just perform the desired action twenty times - you get a 20 on the roll, but you need to spend twenty times the time on it. This is described either as performing the task repeatedly (applicable for tasks like lock-picking and searching), or just performing the task really slowly and with extreme care (tasks like tying knots or escaping from ropes tied by others).



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