Comic 248 - 私はタイムトラベルを憎む

9th Sep 2013, 12:00 AM in What Could Have Been
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Ooh, audience participation!

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10th Sep 2013, 6:57 AM
The Chessmaster
Hmm... Cool. Audience participation.

*Takes the laser artifact thing that Bob really wanted back from Annabelle and throws it into the comic.*

Then again, does Annabelle still exist? Does the ARTIFACT still exist? Hmm...

More to the point, is Trope-tan really going to be careless enough to follow this suggestion considering that it means a superweapon is dropped right into the lap of someone who's quite possibly evil (Xavius, that is)?

Well, then again, two authors ago someone allowed an Incredible Machine-style device right next to their kryptonite...

Unrelated note: Love the comic (well, technically there isn't a comic anymore, since it was destroyed hundreds of pages ago, but you know what I mean). Keep it up!

10th Sep 2013, 10:34 AM
bob AND george could use it and there human. but fine... wait a minute... *opens plot hole again and steals george from the comic also bob. and then opens plot hole to earlier in the comic and gets the rod of za-boom* just remember to erase bob and george's minds after this or there would be a major plot hole

10th Sep 2013, 10:37 AM
oh wait bob didint use it...only put it on for george to destroy it with lightning. but still

10th Sep 2013, 10:37 AM
oh wait bob didint use it...only put it on for george to destroy it with lightning. but still



Xavius: Right, so we couldn't change anything anyway.
Except… didn't the Author show you how to turn off predestination? At the Party?
Trope-tan: Well, yes.

Trope-tan: But even so, we can't travel back in time very far. Since the art style changes.
We couldn't get far enough back to undo all this mess.

Xavius: Wait, why? Is there some fundamental metaphysical law that makes it impossible to time-travel across art styles?
Trope-tan: No, they'll just kind of clash.

Bob: Can you seriously not fix *any* of these problems? Even though you're *omnipotent*?
Trope-tan: Pretty much, yeah.

Trope-tan: Oh hey.
Bob: What'd you do that for? Is that supposed to magically fix everything?
Trope-tan: I didn't do that.

Trope-tan: It's a Rush Adapter, converted for temporal inversions.
I think it's from *Bob and George*. One of the readers brought it here in the comments.
Xavius: And you're supposed to use it to fix the past?

Trope-tan: Yeah, except that doesn't sound very possible.
Nearly all the time travel in *Bob and George* eventually resolved to stable time loops, so the same predestination problems would apply.

Trope-tan: Also, none of us are robots. This was not planned well.
Or planned at all. 'cause I'd already written half the comic when that comment showed up.
This is not the second half of comic I intended.


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