Comic 247 - 予定説

2nd Sep 2013, 12:00 AM in What Could Have Been
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You also shouldn't time travel again because I'll have to do a violent to someone.

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6th Sep 2013, 2:34 AM
Ebony's reasons are the best reasons.

6th Sep 2013, 1:06 PM
IM GETTING TIRED OF THIS *makes stable plothole to the comic bob and george and takes the time machine* THERE FREE WILL TIME TRAVEL WITH NONE OF THAT PREDESTINATION CRAP


21st Apr 2018, 3:21 AM
I can see the world... it is falling apart... the fourth wall is no longer safe... beware... the eye sees...



Bob: That leaves the question of why *nothing is freaking happening*. We're just standing around talking!
Trope-tan: … are you new here?

Bob: You. Why aren't you making stuff happen with your oh-so-limitlessly powerful powers?
Why is this-as-made-by-you such a pile of nothing?

Trope-tan: Well, the comic itself underwent total narrativium collapse over three years ago.
We consequently had to evacuate for reasons of apocalypse.
Bob: I know. I was there for that.

Trope-tan: Which means the main storyline hasn't even been *touched upon* for over three years.
Bob: Oh. Yeah. That's true.
Trope-tan: The last event that could even be indirectly construed as advancement of the main plot happened about two-and-a-half years ago.

Trope-tan: Furthermore, we're technically still caught in the middle of some other apocalypse that seems to be a *Majora's Mask* reference.
But nobody even remembers that by now after all these author switches and junk.
And for the last three comics, you've literally been asking the-comic-not-updating why the comic hasn't been updating.

Trope-tan: And then of course there's another tiny problem. The Author's *dead*.
There is literally no way to move forward from this point.

Xavius: I know it seems impossible; we've been thrown off our track.

Bob: But if we can't move forward, why shouldn't we move back?
Trope-tan: Predestination.
Bob: God *damnit*.


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