Comic 246 - こあくま

26th Aug 2013, 12:00 AM in What Could Have Been
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Rogue really got the short end of the stick there. Logan's way more angsty but at least he won't kill anyone with the slightest touch, y'know?

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21st Apr 2018, 3:19 AM
The eye sees...



Xavius: So hey. Why *did* you make an eighteen-month gap in the comic schedule?
That's… that's a pretty excessive gap.

Hiatus-tan: Oh. Right. My powers are kind of involuntary. Like Rogue.
Xavius: Wait, so at any second you could accidentally rupture one of my lungs?

Hiatus-tan: No, no, I've got to be touching the thing. Also like Rogue.
The comic schedule is basically omnipresent, so it counts as me always touching it.

Xavius: I never understood why Rogue wasn't more capable, really.
If Magneto attacks you, just *jump on him*. Bam, no more magnetism powers.

Hiatus-tan: Well, I figured she was-
Bob: Wait up.

Bob: You're constantly opening hiatuses in omnipresent things?
Hiatus-tan: Yes.
Bob: *All* omnipresent things?
Hiatus-tan: Yes.

Bob: Bad writing?
Hiatus-tan: Yeppers.
Bob: Overreliance on self-deprecation?
Hiatus-tan: Absolutely.

Bob: Plot?
Hiatus-tan: Trick question. There isn't one.
Bob: Oh, right. So you're not constantly making holes in it, then?
Because that would have explained a *lot*.


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