Comic 240 - 二百四十

22nd Jan 2012, 12:00 AM in What Could Have Been
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I was going to exclaim some fact about the HTTP status code 240. Unfortunately, there is no HTTP status code 240, so that plan did not go so well.

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Author Notes:

Did you know that the Internet has surprisingly little information on Wikipe-tan?

Had we not known one another for years, this comic would have been hard to write.

Oh, and in the first half of the comic you have to imagine me with a game-show host voice, okay?


23rd Jan 2012, 10:40 PM
This comment opens by saying that it is in fact opening with a statement telling what its own opening statement is about.

It's also quite interesting that the date and time of upload (1/22/2012 12:00 AM) includes no digit greater than 2.

Oh, and hey there's finally an update, Yay!

24th Jan 2012, 5:04 AM
Good grief, you've finally ended that bloody hiatus.

I've learned to speak British now.

24th Jan 2012, 1:34 PM
Who's the green-haired person?

24th Jan 2012, 11:34 PM
I sense a phlebotinum breakdown. In related news, the tvtropes links in tsuroputsu.MV_()SDk!'s update are broken.


3rd Mar 2012, 5:15 PM
err, so some people have accounts for commenting.
How do I make an account for commenting?
I have been unable so far to determine what website the green haired person is based on?
That was a statement, followed by a question mark.
That sure is a lot of facts about 240.
which is pleasing.
I liked this comic.



Trope-tan: And so commences comic number two hundred and forty!
The first panel opens up with a statement of the comic number, which is closely followed by a description of the first panel's content!
Fred: Visually, the panel features imagery of Trope-tan and Fred Phillips, both appearing as catgirls and in the art style of the Touhou fanwork entitled create.swf.
Also, walls of text.

Bob: This isn't clever meta. This is just stupid meta.
Trope-tan: … said Bob as the second panel started, characteristic of his complete inability to enjoy anything fun.

Bob: This isn't even fun. It's only recursive.
Trope-tan: Bob was subsequently removed from the rest of the comic for not liking recursion!
Because how can anyone not like recursion?

Trope-tan: So, we enter the fourth panel of page two hundred and forty!
Xavius: Why are you so excited about this being page two hundred and forty?
It's not really a milestone or anything.
Trope-tan: Oh, but it is!

Trope-tan: 240 is a highly composite number! Fact!
Jane: That means it has more divisors than any preceding number!
Trope-tan: Indeed it does! It has twenty of them, to be precise!

Trope-tan: That also makes it a refactorable number! Fact!
Fred: That means that its count of divisors, in this case twenty (as previously noted), is itself a divisor!
Trope-tan: Correct!

Trope-tan: 240 is also a pronic number! Fact!
Xavius: That's because it can be expressed as the product of two consecutive integers!
Trope-tan: Precisely! Fifteen and sixteen!

Trope-tan: And it's divisible by the sum of its digits (six!), so-
Jane: - that makes it a Harshad number!
Trope-tan: Indeed!
Wait, how do you guys know all this stuff about 240? You're not omniscient; not at present, anyway.

Fred: Oh, we asked Wikipe-tan.

Trope-tan: Uh… h-hi, Wikipe-tan.
Wikipe-tan: Salutations. A pleasure to meet once more, *Trope-tan*.
Trope-tan: Um.

Wikipe-tan: To address the first *query* you haven't actually made, I'm here because you referenced me[1] in the previous *comic*[2].
Trope-tan: Um, right.

Trope-tan: Tho, um, I'm kinda… omnipotent, now?
Wikipe-tan: My congratulations.
Trope-tan: Yeah.

Wikipe-tan: … line?
Trope-tan: Oh, it'th… um, right. E-ecthcuthe me a moment.

Trope-tan: You are meant to be in this comic too.
Mysteriously Unidentified Character: Yeah, yeah. Just give me another month or so?


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