Comic 238 - ばしゅたんと たぶたんいます

19th Aug 2011, 11:43 PM in What Could Have Been
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ばしゅたんと たぶたんいます

What, were you expecting something *else*?

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20th Aug 2011, 10:28 AM
Really, Trope-tan. The main plot can't be a romantic subplot. Otherwise it wouldn't be a subplot. It would be a PlotTumour.



Xavius: Okay, so you have a comic. That, terrifyingly, looks kind of good.
Now what?
Trope-tan: Nani?
Xavius: Plot. What is it?
Trope-tan: Um.

Trope-tan: Uh, suddenly bash-tan and Tab-tan show up!
The readers like them as characters, deshou? So this is good?
Um, ka-teleport!

Tab-tan: Huh? W-what just happened?
bash-tan: Is this important? We were about to hold hands.
Trope-tan: Yes, do that. On-panel so it counts as plot.

Tab-tan: On the Internet? With… everyone watching?
bash-tan: We would prefer to hold hands in *private*, thank you.

Trope-tan: It's … just hand-holding.
You were doing it on-panel earlier. I remember.
bash-tan: … um, command "It's" not found oh dear I can't understand what you're saying.

Trope-tan: What, were you going to do something… else?
bash-tan: Um, yeah. We were actually going to, uh…

bash-tan: Going to, um…
This is awkward.
Trope-tan: I think I get the idea. You don't need to-

bash-tan: We were going to sit together watching the sunset.
Tab-tan: Uh, then maybe cuddling.


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