Comic 237 - わあぷで るうぷな

12th Aug 2011, 12:00 AM in What Could Have Been
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わあぷで るうぷな

x3 TEMPORAL LOOP COMBO wait I hate time travel why am I so happy about this.

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13th Aug 2011, 6:40 AM
Either everyone is pacing around a lot, or there are a lot of identical doors in this room. I choose to believe the first one. From right to left.

(emotionally impulsive, I'll regret and apologize sometime soon)

14th Aug 2011, 7:34 PM
Just to clear out some misconceptions for those who are unfamiliar:

Create.swf is a program by KirbyM, originally a 'Create-a-Touhou' generator who spontaneously one day turned into a revolutionary comic tool....oh look. Nekoyakou(whatever's the spelling) is pretty much the tip of the iceberg. There's an entire online group called the 'Walfas Club'(DA) dedicated to this....err...yeah I'm in it. Anyway there's updated items (like better hair) though you're gonna have to be resourceful for the bubbles since you can only do some limited stuff. Hmm, nice job at imitating the parts.

Also, there are other backgrounds.

Conscience: Hush child! They need not to know!



Xavius: Why aren't you just copying-and-pasting the Author's regular art?
Worked rather well for me.
Trope-tan: Copying art is for the weak.

Fred: Which is why you copied all this art directly from create.swf.
Trope-tan: Precisely!
Jane: Hmm. For *The Way Of The Metagamer*, it actually looks kind of… good. *This is insane*.

Bob: My eyes are so tall why are my eyes so tall oh god oh god.
Trope-tan: Bob nikumus it. Precisely nobody is surprised.

Bob: What terrible idea have you guys had now?
Xavius: Um, weren't you flipping out a moment ago? About how tall your eyes are or something?
Bob: My eyes are… tall?
Xavius: More so than usual, I guess.

Bob: Weird. Why aren't my eyes tall any more?
Jane: Um, they're still pretty tall.
Xavius: Seems a rather minor thing to flip out about, really.
Compared to the whole being-a-catgirl bit.
Jane: No, that's just *awesome*.

Bob: Augh how is this happening what is even happening who when where why.
Fred: Bob has been behaving very strangely lately.
Xavius: Hey, your eyes aren't that tall any more.
Bob: They aren't?

Bob: If time flows right-to-left, then this panel is *before* the one where you told me that.
So, in this panel, I *shouldn't* know that time flows right-to-left yet, right?
Trope-tan: Wait, do you think time flows left-to-right still?
Bob: No, you just told me…
Yes. Yes, I do. Correct me please.

Trope-tan: That's your problem. Time furos the other way now. Right to left.
Bob: … oh.


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