Comic 234 - In Which Xavius Goes To Find The Metagamer Brigade

13th Jun 2011, 1:55 PM in What Could Have Been
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In Which Xavius Goes To Find The Metagamer Brigade

This is terrible! Who's going to pay my salary now?

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Author Notes:

Yep, turns out it does show up when I type here.

So, yeah, I'm terrible at this. I'm really much better at the whole superhero thing that I do because I'm a superhero. Oh wait, secret identity. Crap. Forget I said anything.


13th Jun 2011, 6:18 PM
Yay, named characters are immune to art decay! I was worried we wouldn't be able to recognise them.
Xavius, you can press F7 to select the Dropper tool. Helps get the colours the same if you're not just copy-pasting. Or you can use "Paste Style". I'm not sure if you can read this though, so I don't know why I'm saying it.



Xavius: So, my omnipotent creator is dead. It'll be okay. He's omnipotent and all.
He'll be back to making comics in no time.

Xavius: Uh, going to find help!
Travelling to the Metagamer Brigade!

Xavius: Figuring out why this isn't working!

Xavius: Rearranging, um, synchronic catalysed fluid linkages!
Computing trigonometric trajectory for spatio-temporal coordinates of Metagamer Brigade!

Xavius: Conceptualising additional arbitrary technical descriptive phrases!
Defibrillating quantum propulsion vectors!
Expressing a combination of jubilance at this minor victory and utter despair at the principal scenario!

Trope-tan: See, "death of the author" is a literary concept whereby-
Xavius: The Author is dead!
Trope-tan: Precisely, suddenly present person whom I do not recognise.

Xavius: No, the Author is literally dead. Really bad accident.
I'm making the comic right now.
Jane: Wait, you're that evil guy who's evil. Why should we trust you?

Xavius: Look around you. Does the Author's art look this terrible?
Jane: … yes?
Fred: It really does.
Trope-tan: Agreed.


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