Comic 229 - Incomplete

1st Jun 2011, 12:24 AM in What Could Have Been
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Oh, for Haruhi's sa- what did I say not two pages ago? We have enough gorram characters already.

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Author Notes:

Uh, Ebony, you said, quite clearly, that more characters is just what the comic needs right now. Here, I'll repeat it inside quotation marks: "Just what the comic needs right now. More… characters." Completely unambiguous.

This comic is dedicated to a friend of mine who had absolutely no idea bash had tab completion, despite having used it for years.

@deadcramps: Challenge accepted!


1st Jun 2011, 2:35 AM


1st Jun 2011, 6:28 PM
oh my god could you rip of Order of the Stick any more blatantly

1st Jun 2011, 6:59 PM
@deadcramps "oh my god could you rip of Order of the Stick any more blatantly"
pretty sure you will find he is ripping it OFF not of... and yes he's doing a pretty good job hey?

3rd Jun 2011, 9:46 PM
Still needs moar catgirl.
Also, how could you be further from OotS (plotwise anyway)?



Trope-tan: It's no uthe! Even I can't type fatht enough to break thith thythtem!
Bob: Um, you can move *faster than light*.
Trope-tan: Ecthactly! It's impothible!

Fred: But, Trope-tan, we're the Metagamer Brigade.
Jane: Nothing is impossible in our sparkling eyes, remember! Whatever that means!
Trope-tan: You're right…

Trope-tan: bash-tan, you're our only hope!
bash-tan: See? Star Wars quotes. But, uh, command not found: you're
Trope-tan: Kamishimatta.

Trope-tan: Let us see. man bash | grep faster
bash-tan: You could use tab completion, desu.
Trope-tan: … brilliant! Not really sure why I wasn't already doing that!

Bob: Tab completion?
Jane: Using the Tab key to complete command names and stuff. Saves typing.
Bob: But won't that mean…?

Jane: Yes, Bob, it does mean more personifications popping up.
Tab-tan: Ooh, I can help! You were probably looking for "uptime"!
Sysadmins like "uptime".

Jane: No, I… really was not.
Tab-tan: update-alternatives? upower?
I can provide a list if you want.


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