Comic 228 - Basics of the bash Shell

30th May 2011, 1:14 AM in What Could Have Been
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Basics of the bash Shell

export USER=Ebony; ls `yes`; echo "Bwa ha ha ha ha."

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Author Notes:

It took me an embarrassingly long time to come up with `alias Jane='$USER'`. I was actually considering USER=$(false "Jane"), which is überdumb.

The lyrics at the end, of course, I got done really fast since I wrote them from memory.


30th May 2011, 10:13 AM
Any Bash shell that knows not to listen when I say rm -rf / is 0kay with me.

echo "Green longcoats are the greatest thing since 631173600."



Trope-tan: Can't talk. Kind of buthy *HACKING* right now.
bash-tan: Um, I can't find the command "Can't" anywhere. Sorry.

Trope-tan: Oh, Haruhi damn it. Ahem.
echo "talk" | at teatime tomorrow
bash-tan: Okay. That's job 1, specified for-
Trope-tan: That'th better.

Fred: Greetings, bash-tan.
bash-tan: Um, there's no Greetings, binary in $PATH. Can't run that for you. My apologies.
Fred: Hmm.

Fred: export USER=Fred && echo "Nice to meet you, bash-tan."
bash-tan: Nice to meet you too, Fred!
You know, most people don't bother to set $USER like that. I usually need to figure it out myself. Very polite of you.

Bob: set USERNAME=Bob & echo.Not that I care, but hi.
bash-tan: Oh, Haruhi. You're speaking DOS batch, desu. Gerogero.
Bob: Oh, come on. She speaks moonspeak too?
Trope-tan: Hai. She *ith* an anthropomorphic moe perthonificathon, nyoro.

Jane: Wait a second.
USER=root rm -rf /
bash-tan: Woah, it's dangerous to operate recursively on `/'! You could *hurt* someone with that!
Jane: nice echo "Sorry. Won't do it again. :("

Jane: alias Jane='$USER' && echo "I, uh, don't actually have a name, so I can't introduce myself properly."
bash-tan: You're… kind of strange.

Jane: Hmm. fortune
bash-tan: Aru hareta hi no koto/mahou ijou no yukai ga/kagarinaku furisosogu fukanou janai wa.
Huh. That was a weird output from `fortune`. Usually it's a quote from Star Wars or something.


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