Comic 227 - Anthropomorphication

27th May 2011, 1:00 AM in What Could Have Been
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Just what the comic needs right now. More frelling characters.

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27th May 2011, 3:29 AM
Bob is getting more and more sympathetic to me. In fact, if you pretend he is wearing a headband as opposed to frowning at everyone all the time, he is very likeable.



Trope-tan: Iie. I just need *more* keyboards. At least three.
Fred: Apparently there are more here. Someone was expecting you.

Trope-tan: *HACKING*.
You guyth can jutht thtand around and look imprethed, dethou?

Bob: Guys. Weird zappy thing happening over there.
Trope-tan: Oh, not thith again.

Fred: It's happened before?
Trope-tan: *Everything* hath happened to me before.
Thith particular thing tendth to happen when I thpend a lot of time working with a thpethific item. Like thith terminal, for example.

Trope-tan: I think my perthonificathon-neth reacth with the thtuff I'm uthing. Or thomething.
Bathically, the bath thell is going to thuddenly become very annoying.

Trope-tan: Konnichiwa, bash-tan.
bash-tan: Uh, sorry. "Konnichiwa," command not found.
Trope-tan: See? Annoying.


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