Comic 221 - Synchronic Empowerment

13th May 2011, 1:17 AM in What Could Have Been
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Synchronic Empowerment

The title-text presentation podium does exist within the physical space of the comic, but within a temporal pocket entangled with the comic's subjective chronal epoch. Thus it is spatially connected with the comic itself allowing for traversal, yet appropriately situated for all scenarios. No, I have no idea what all that meant.

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13th May 2011, 3:09 AM
Yay, dimensional mechanics!

14th May 2011, 6:17 AM
That is a veeeery advanced voice-command system.
Why bother with the switch?

14th May 2011, 10:21 AM
holy fuck how many words do you need.




Xavius: Why is the comic focusing on us now?
Weren't you planning to do that parallel dimension storyline?
The Author: Discharging synchronic relays! Hovering to prepare for exposition!

The Author: I am. I'm doing two storylines simultaneously, because I haven't given you enough paneltime.
And I have some plans for the Authorship Shrine. Also we really need to restore narrativium to the comic some time soon.
Xavius: We have a lot of stuff to do, huh?

The Author: While we have focus, I want to provide some more information for the wiki, regarding the transportation module.
Xavius: So rather than doing all that important stuff you just mentioned, we're having more exposition. Great.

The Author: Firstly, plot holes. They're only necessary for transdimensional travel; say, between the comic and MST3K. Within a dimension, the transportation module is capable of simply flying everywhere.
The Authorship Shrine exists in a pocket dimension outside the main comic, by the way.
Xavius: So my plot flaw…?
The Author: Just for escaping the Shrine, yeah.

The Author: But that's not actually necessary any more, thanks to Trope-tan.
Xavius: Huh? Thanks to Trope-tan how?
The Author: Empowering thrust matrices! Continuing ascent to Authorship Shrine!

The Author: After she opened that stable plot hole back in *Fridge Logic*, and more importantly explained how to do so, I added an unobtanium array to the module.
So now it can focus narrativium to open stable plot holes, allowing for safe dimensional travel. And it doesn't even require eighty-eight miles per hour.
Xavius: Ah. That explains that.

Xavius: Still, something has been bugging me. And the readers. How do you control this incredibly complex system using only a single switch, and one with only two settings at that?
The Author: Voice commands.
Xavius: I've never heard you use any voice commands.

The Author: Um, I say practically everything I'm doing at all times.
Xavius: Oh. Right.


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