Comic 219 - SOS Brigade… Assemble!

9th May 2011, 12:00 AM in What Could Have Been
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SOS Brigade… Assemble!

Surely there's a cooler name than "the Metagamer Brigade". Why not "The Alliance Of Doom, Despair, And Budget Dry-Cleaning"? Wait, no, that sucked. "The Sailor Scouts"- wait, that's taken. "The Scoobies"- darn. "Angel Investi"- oh HARUHI DAMN IT.

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Author Notes:

Readers, you may now refer to our protagonists as either the Metagamer Brigade or the SOS-dan. Select whichever option you are less likely to confuse with other excellent works.

I guess you could also call them the You Know, The Author Only Makes Comics Because He's A Stupid Jerk With Low Self-Esteem Team if you really want to. But that does take much longer to type.


9th May 2011, 4:59 AM
Longer to type? That sounds like a CHALLENGE!


Seriously though, if you kept the costume, Ebony should too. She look'd nice.

9th May 2011, 3:24 PM
The Author is a much bigger Haruhi fanboy than Ebony is.

Fanboy? Fangirl?

10th May 2011, 6:27 AM
Well, I'm a bigger fanMAN than both of them... TOGETHER!


Huh, Fanman sounds like a Megaman villian.



Narrator: And so the party continue on, in search of clues…
Jane: We're still called "the party"?
Bob: Fred, you were supposed to fix that.
Fred: I have no idea what else to use. Everyone else make suggestions.

Bob: Let's go with "Team This Comic Sucks".
Fred: … yeah, Bob doesn't get a vote.

Bob: The "Get Us Out Of Here Already Club"?
Jane: Oh, I know this one! How about the "Metagamer Brigade"?
Fred: That's brilliant.

Bob: The "Does The Author Even Know How To Draw Fraternity"?
Trope-tan: We go with Metagamer Brigade *only* if I get to call it the "Super-awesome fourth wall Obliterating ore-Sama no dan".

Bob: The "Brotherhood Of Jokeless Comedy"?
Jane: … SOS-dan? Seriously?
Trope-tan: Yep!

Bob: The "Association Of Why Do Their Arms Stretch Out Like That I Don't Think Arms Work That Way"?
Fred: Okay, I'm all for the Metagamer Brigade.
Jane: It was my idea, so same here.
Trope-tan: It's unanimous. We shall henceforth be known as the SOS-dan!

Bob: The "Order Of The Stick Ripoff Faction"?
Actually, why even bother with the "ripoff faction" part? Let's just call ourselves the Order of the Stick and get the plagiarism over with!

Bob: The "You Know, The Author Only Makes Comics Because He's A Stupid Jerk With Low Self-Esteem Team"?
Fred: I can't believe you can still think of more names.
Bob: Clearly you underestimate how much I hate this comic.
Jane (quietly): I liked the way that one rhymed.


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