Comic 214 - Imperfection

27th Apr 2011, 6:05 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Author Notes:

@Snowyowl: What do you think I was trying to do in panel 2? It's that difficult to remove. It's probably made from ground rock-so-heavy-the-Author-could-never-lift-it or something.


28th Apr 2011, 6:44 AM
Soap and water? Not authorial omnipotence? When it's already been established that the writing is difficult to wipe off the walls?




Jane: So at what *were* you laughing?
Trope-tan: Sheer absurdity of the storyline.
Fred: Told you.

The Author: And thus concludes the Party - except for one final event.
The judging of how awesome the costumes are.
Trope-tan: But you're zenzen going to win! You're a perfect shapeshifted duplicate!
The Author: Not necessarily.

The Author: My costume is, in fact, imperfect.
There is one anatomical difference between this costume and the real Tsuruya-san. I leave it to you to determine what it is.

Fred: The real Tsuyura-san's taller!
The Author: Nope.
Fred: Shorter?
The Author: Again no.

Jane: You only have three fingers rather than five.
The Author: That's just the art style. Disregard that point.
Trope-tan: Your eyes are also the wrong colour.
The Author: Art style, again.

Trope-tan: It's probably his liver. He's kept a magically-enhanced liver so he can drink more nonalcoholic fruit punch.
Jane: If we're thinking organs, it's definitely the pancreas. I know *I* wouldn't let someone else's pancreas near my pancreatic juices.
Fred: We can't discount the theory that he's left out the appendix. It's vestigial, after all.

Jane: Maybe he has laser eyes?
Trope-tan: Laser eyes are a possibility, but remember that he's omnipotent. Why have laser eyes when you can manifest Wolverine-claw eyes?
Fred: If he's got any kind of weapon-launching eyes, they shoot out mecha. Really big mecha.

The Author: It's the tooth, you idiots. Tsuruya-san's highly conspicuous extra-long tooth. I don't have it.
Trope-tan: Perhaps he has multiple stomachs to aid digestion?
Jane: Or perhaps he has Slayer powers?
Trope-tan: Frell, that's brilliant. Can we just pretend I thought of that?


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