Comic 210 - The MSTing

18th Apr 2011, 6:40 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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The MSTing

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20th Apr 2011, 5:54 AM
Panel 6 has the highest concentration of recursive panels I've ever seen in this comic.

Jane, that definitely is a +3 Headband Of Space Snowball Winning. I know it when I see it. I used to have one myself, but it turned out to be a cursed -2 Headband Of Space Snowball Winning. Boy, was my face red.



Fred: Thankfully, one of Trope-tan's defining character traits is having incredible amounts of past experience, no matter the scenario.
She knew exactly how to restore the party from narrativium collapse, and to open a stable plot hole for escaping before further collapse.
Bob: There's that term again. "the party". It just doesn't really work.
Fred: Still working on it.

Fred: And then came the Party.
Bob: What, us?
Fred: No, the Party. Capital P. At least *try* to read my voiceover.

Fred: Somehow, Trope-tan and Annabelle were intoxicated by the nonalcoholic fruit punch.
Perhaps they have a low tolerance for fructose.
Bob: The result?
Fred: Cue Caramelldansen.

Fred: A lot more stuff happened during the Party, but the Author's intentionally not revealing that stuff, so we'll just skip ahead to the end.
Bob: Fantastic.

Fred: We arrived in the television programme *Mystery Science Theater 3000* through another plot hole.
And since Trope-tan started squeeing incessantly, we stayed to perform a MSTing with "the Joel Robinson".
Bob: I… don't really remember her saying that.
Fred: Oh no! Bob, you have amnesia!

Fred: The work being MSTed happened to be This Very Comic, which is weird since MST3K usually only does movies.
We sat through the first three chapters or so *again*, this time brutally attacking the Author's past work.
Bob: "this time"?
Fred: Okay, *more* brutally attacking the work.

Fred: Cut to you liking Twilight.
Bob: It's an excellent young adult vampire romance novel, okay?
Fred: You're not really helping your case here.

Fred: In any case, Trope-tan and that mysterious girl ended up opening three plot holes, which quickly destabilised.
Bob: And then there was time travel.
Fred: Yes, yes there was.

Fred: I don't even want to *try* recapping the time travel plotline.
I like my brain unexploded.

Jane: Okay, here's how it is.
Bob: Wait, you *understood* it?
Jane: You didn't?
It's no *Primer*. It's really quite simple.

Jane: A future version of Fred showed up, and made some rather useless cryptic statements. He's not particularly important, though.
Fred: Hey!
Jane: What is important, however, is that just afterwards future versions of Trope-tan and myself made an appearance, and we realised that in this comic time travel apparently runs on predestination.
Fred/Bob: (God damn it|Gorramit), predestination.

Jane: We tried to jump back in time and fix the plot holes, but Trope-tan had only just built the time machine, and it wasn't yet properly functional.
Fred: So you ended up corrupting a segment of the past and producing Alternate Line One, right?
Jane: Precisely.
Fred: Nice job breaking it, hero.
Jane: I consider that particular mistake a net gain, actually.

Jane: Thankfully, we soon after realised that the comic's archive provides sufficient microdata to lock directly onto a given time.
Fred: Being able to access the comic's archives is a great convenience.

Jane: But we were distracted when past!Trope-tan began speaking in iambic pentameter.
It transpired that past!selves always spoke in this curious manner; at least, when they knew they were past!selves.
Bob: That's stupid.
Jane: It does make little sense given the predestination-oriented time travel laws of the comic.

Jane: We switched the GIGAHERTZ to create *new* pages instead of overwrite old ones, then jumped back to make an attempt at fixing the plot holes.
Bob: And you failed miserably.
Jane: Well, yes, we did. But we did discover that future!selves work the same way as past!selves, as when we jumped to the past and I became a future!self, I became capable of making badass quips.
Not very good ones, but badass quips nonetheless.

Jane: On our next attempt, we were relocated spatially by the chronoclone density limitation capper, and arrived in the holocabana preparation room.
I met my present!self, and gave me (well, her) the +3 Headband of Space Snowball Winning.
Fred: You do realise it's just a regular headband, right?
Jane: Of course I realise that *now*.


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