Comic 206 - To Pass The Time

8th Apr 2011, 10:47 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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To Pass The Time

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Author Notes:

I certainly do spend a lot of the comic dwelling on the past in one way or another, huh? First there was the MSTing, then the past-oriented time travel, and now a recap.

It's cool because I don't need to think of any new ideas, or draw very much new art. (Not that I'm not thinking of new ideas, of course. I have a reasonably long list queued up.)


21st May 2011, 6:05 PM
ok it's efficient i'll give you that much xx

21st May 2011, 6:06 PM
ooops silly chat kisses sorry bout that Author!



Bob: What's she even laughing *at*? It's not like there are any jokes in this comic.
Fred: The sheer absurdity of the storyline, I would presume.

Bob: There's a storyline?
Fred: Of course. Would you like me to do a recap of the whole thing?
Bob: Not at all.
Fred: But the audience may find it helpful.
Bob: Since when do I care about the audience?

Fred: The comic started with you in your house. You purchased the Book of D&D from eBay, and impersonated the Narrator in order to speed up shipping.
Bob: I thought that was pretty clever.
Fred: Meh, someone else will probably go back in time and teach you how to do it with predestination.

Fred: When you read the Book, after a few pointless interludes you were transported inside, landing in an ongoing game of D&D.
An unidentified and desaturated girl appeared, and for some reason referred to you as handsome.
Bob: Probably because I am.
Fred: Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.

Fred: Accompanied by said girl, you attempted to escape from the comic, to no avail.
Bob: The Author's kind of a jerk that way.
Fred: The Author's kind of a jerk in every way.

Fred: It was around that time that I entered the comic. I found the Book, as you did. Spouting a lame one-liner about work, I ended up trapped within.
Bob: Why do you care so much about work anyway?
Fred: I work in a fireworks factory in space, remember?
Bob: Okay, I suddenly see your point.

Fred: I met the ghost of Gary Gygax, who tried to explain the plot-
Crow: A plot? Where?
Fred: - yet at least half of what he said at that point turned out to be lies. Or half-truths, perhaps.
I'm pretty sure it'll all end up being true from a certain point of view.

Fred: We were reunited upon my arrival, and immediately got back to comic-escaping. Again with evidently no success.
Gary soon popped up again, this time providing some flashbacks featuring the Wizard and Xavius.
Bob: I don't see how he's putting the Book into the mailbox when he's incorporeal.
Fred: The Wizard did it.


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