Comic 205 - He's Got A Theory

6th Apr 2011, 6:24 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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He's Got A Theory

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Author Notes:

Yes, "xtreem laughing fit" is the official name for this phenomenon, poor spelling and all.

I believe that Fred's line in Panel 6 is the longest I've had in any single panel ever. Which is neat. And explains why the vast majority of it is in fact falling off the edges of the panel.

@Guest: Gratuitous Japanese.


7th Apr 2011, 8:39 AM
Why'd it swithc to fufufufufufufufu midway?

23rd May 2011, 10:25 PM
thanks for pointing that out 'guest' - I am not very observant...

27th Dec 2011, 11:49 PM
They were "Ha"s at the start because they were stored from when she wasn't being gratuitously japanese, then when she changed she stored "fu"s instead.



Trope-tan: Okay, that threat's been eliminated. Now there are no plot holes, no villains, no monsters, no shortage of narrativium or other vital elements, no temporal flux… there is absolutely no potential danger at present.
Tadashii desu ka?
Fred: I guess?

Trope-tan (louder): Tadashii desu ka?
Fred: Okay, okay, yes!
Trope-tan: Sugureta.

Fred: Huh?

Bob: What is that *noise*?
Fred: Apparently Trope-tan's entered an xtreem laughing fit.

Bob: Fantastic. Why?
Fred: Judging from previous dialogue, because there are no threats currently present which could exploit her vulnerability due to said fit.

Fred: I theorise that rather than simply laughing at things, she has… bottled up, shall we say, said laughter.
Then, with all threats eliminated, she may laugh at leisure without risk. Hence the xtreem laughing fit, as a great deal of laughter must be expelled.
A parallel may be drawn with her expenditure of running energy: rather than simply running at all times, she utilises short bursts of "plotspeed" running, thus achieving far greater results with similar energy consumption.

Bob: So if she's been in the comic for 114 pages, and hasn't laughed *once* in all that time…?
Fred: Yeah, this could be a while.


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