Comic 193 - Ocarina of Plot

26th Jan 2011, 4:40 AM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Ocarina of Plot

Oh, sure. Trope-tan just got the frelling *Ocarina of Time* handed over by the princess. A sacred relic of the Royal Family "bequeathed" to a complete stranger? I don't think so.

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Author Notes:

@snowyowl: My original intention regarding Trope-tan's equipment was Crazy Prepared. As Trope-tan canon states that her pockets contain infinite hammerspace, this is conceivably possible.

However, the Wild Stallion Rule is Crazy Prepared's much more awesome and confusing second cousin. Thus, I certainly must steal this idea from you for use in the comic. 'kay thanks.


26th Jan 2011, 5:27 AM
Mind = blown.
Trope-Tan just happens to have everything she needs right when she needs it, doesn't she?
I realise it's most likely that she just has hammerspace storage containing every single item she could ever find useful... but we're in a time-travel storyline, and I've just bought the C°ntinuum sourcebook, so I prefer to think she's actually keeping track of what items she's using, and at the end of the storyline she will go and fetch them all and give them to her past self from the beginning of the storyline.
Like she did in comic 177.

27th Jan 2011, 1:34 AM
You're welcome, but won't that cause problems once the storyline is all wrapped up and she still needs to be crazy-prepared?

Er... actually, never mind.

5th Feb 2011, 3:08 PM
very wise snowyowl



Trope-tan: Wait, a hero of time! Saranari!
Bob: Are you planning to *explain* your latest revelation?

Trope-tan: It's hiratai. We need to use the Ocarina of Time to activate these MacGuffins.
Jane: Brilliant!
Bob: That is quite possibly the worst idea I have ever heard.

Bob: For starters, we don't *have* the Ocarina of Time.
Trope-tan: I do. Right here.
Bob: Ah.

Fred: Wait, where did you get that?
Trope-tan: Princess Zelda bequeathed it to me a while back, after I saved Hyrule from the Great Flood with dimensional translation, nyoro.

Jane: Okay, let us get on with this before the plot holes get out of hand.
Trope-tan: The only nanbutsu is that I don't know which song to play to make this work.

Fred: The MST3K theme?
Trope-tan: Worth a torai.
Except we'll need to rename it. The Ocarina doesn't work properly unless the songs have very silly names.
Fred: Go ahead.

You played the Anthem of Mighty Satellites!


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