Comic 190 - I Identify Myself In The Role Of A Natural Orbital Satellite In Turn Indicated To Belong To You As An Alienable Possessive

19th Jan 2011, 6:25 AM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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I Identify Myself In The Role Of A Natural Orbital Satellite In Turn Indicated To Belong To You As An Alienable Possessive

I stand, unaccompanied both literally and emotionally, adjacent to a piece of furniture used to support inanimate objects against the force of gravity, currently in use holding an assortment of sources of human nourishment, clothed in a piece of formal attire possessed of many creases and a neck ornament not owned by myself!

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Author Notes:

If you haven't heard Jonathan Coulton's I'm Your Moon, this comic will be SO CONFUSING. So click that link there and hear it already.

Ebony's singing a different Jonathan Coulton song; 100 Awesome Points will be awarded for determining which song it is.

Random facts: this is the first Walking Scene© we've had for quite a while now. Trope-tan pronounces "desu" with the "u" (the polite form of the word), rather than as the informal "des"; this is incongruous with other components of her speech, especially her use of "ore-sama". Singing verbosely isn't at all stupid. The entire song appears in the comic, although the chorus only appears once rather than three times. Jane isn't really a native of the Book. The entire comic, as will be revealed in the final chapter, is in actuality a dream being had by Mike Nelson in an alternate universe in which he is running the experiment from Deep 13, within an MST3K fanfiction written by Ebony Nauss in a parallel timeline in which she is a beekeeper, within a manga series produced by a temporally displaced clone of Kyo who is a taxi driver, within a hallucination being had by Fred Phillips due to cranial injury. Bob is secretly a likeable character. Panel 12 was actually imported from Japan, which is why it apparently reads right-to-left. Joel Robinson is a Time Lord, The Red Shirt is Kamina, and Doctor Forrester is Haruhi Suzumiya. I like waffles. Some or all of these facts may be complete lies, including this one.

@Bisqwit: "Haruhi Haruhi Haruhi"? There is at no point in this comic a mention of Haruhi Suzumiya, nor of any other entity by the name of Haruhi. So, um, what?


19th Jan 2011, 1:15 PM
Numerous frames of copypaste. Dialog easier to read from the transcript. Haruhi Haruhi Haruhi. In other news, I don't have the slightest idea what's been happening in this comic for the last 40 strips or so. Or perhaps 160 or so. Except there's a lot of going to and fro. Maybe some day someone will plot a nice graph of it!

19th Jan 2011, 2:33 PM
right then. I'm with Bisqwit - lost.

19th Jan 2011, 4:47 PM
Personally, I've got a pretty good general idea about what's going on, although the specifics have kind of blurred together into confusion. My greatest source of confusion, however, was due to the fact that I've never heard of the song "I'm Your Moon" before.

19th Jan 2011, 6:59 PM
Davo: You mentioned Haruhi in your post, albeit tangentially. So I went for a hyperbole, to complete the set of mathematical vocabulary.

23rd Jun 2011, 5:44 AM
It's "big bad world one", for anyone reading the archives and wondering what song Ebony is singing.



Jane: A set of people not including oneself indicated through the pronoun "they" conceptualised a justification,
Fred: and the tenuous nature of said justification is the reasoning behind the emotional pain you now feel.

Trope-tan: The aforementioned people, mostly comprising astrological scientists, are of the opinion that you have no meaningful influence,
Jane: due to the unfortunate fact that you do not possess visually attractive elliptical orbital features.

Fred: I myself have repeatedly made clear the fact that these statements have had no influence on my own subjective opinions.
Trope-tan: I then go on to state that one identifying characteristic of yours cannot be altered by the statements of astronomers.

Trope-tan: I myself take upon the role of a natural orbital satellite to you,
Jane: and you take upon this same role with respect to me.
Fred: Together we revolve about the star in closest proximity to ourselves.

Jane: From this vantage point located at a great distance in comparison to the remainder of the system,
Fred: the remaining celestial bodies in the vincinity are those that appear of a diminutive scale.

Trope-tan/Jane/Fred: I request that you pledge to me that regardless of such happenstances, you shall unhaltingly recall your true identity.
Bob: The Satellite's interior design is truly blessed with variety in decor.
Trope-tan: Silence.

Jane: We shall simply allow those so-called scientists to perform their cold, logical mathematics,
Fred: and we shall silently observe their progression through their fleeting generations.

Trope-tan: For our location of habitation still remains at this extreme distance,
Jane: a distance which far exceeds the maximum extent of their pitiful knowledge.

Trope-tan: There is no way for us to transform ourselves into entities other than those which we currently happen to be,
Fred: but no effect is applied by the lack of understanding exhibited by people who make such foolish proclamations.

Jane: I myself- we've done the chorus already.
Trope-tan: Soudesu. Let us just skip to the part that differs.
Fred: From the last line of the chorus, right?
Trope-tan: Sou.

Jane/Trope-tan/Fred: I request that you pledge to me that regardless of such happenstances, you shall unhaltingly recall your true identity…
Bob: Sounds *exactly* the same from over here.
Trope-tan: We're trailing off at the end this time, baka.

Fred: … the identity you previously possessed…
Jane: … in the temporal epochs situated previous to the time in which…
Trope-tan: … science made a statement regarding you… thus altering said identity….

Fred: The appearance over the horizon of our nearest star heralding a new day is unfortunately not the impressive spectacle it should be.
Jane: Due to the great distance from this heat source, the temperature in our immediate vicinity is an extremely low one.

Trope-tan: We therefore find ourselves in a realm fraught with solidified hydrogen hydroxide, strongly lacking in audible mechanical waves, and with little electromagnetic radiation to allow for vision of the skies,
Fred: as the next solar cycle commences with yet another orbit in the endless recursion of said orbits.

Bob: Okay, seriously, what are you even *doing*?
Trope-tan: Um, we're singing verbosely.
Jane: Duh.
Bob: That's so stupid.

Fred: On the contrary, it requires great mental agility and vocabu-
Trope-tan: We shall allow them to cogitate their mistaken beliefs further, for we shall remain resilient against actions performed following these beliefs!
Jane: For the entire length of the temporal axis, excepting unfortunate entropic events, I shall remain in close proximity with you!
Fred: Never mind, I suddenly see your point.


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