Comic 19 - Ooh, Dramatic!

1st May 2008, 4:00 PM in Finally Some Explanation
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Ooh, Dramatic!

It's true: WOTC is actually run by the Wizard of the Coast. Anything else you may hear are lies. LIES, I TELL YOU!

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still can't spell

21st Dec 2009, 9:20 PM
Huh? what's WOTC? Am enjoying reading from the beginning BTW but don't understand all of it hgavin never read D&D


22nd Dec 2009, 3:29 AM
Wizards Of The Coast. The corporation publishing the Dungeons & Dragons rulesets.

24th Dec 2009, 7:55 AM
So...uh...does TSR not exist in the comic world? Also, I would suggest making the name an obvious parody. It makes it seem a lot funnier. Just my two cents.



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