Comic 188 - Party Regrouped

14th Jan 2011, 5:48 AM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Party Regrouped

Don't tell me you've never had cream cheese apricot. It's an incredible, indescribable explosion of taste.

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Author Notes:

Indescribable? Hardly. In one word, it tastes:
See? Easy.



Fred: We're walking normally. Why aren't you doing that plotspeed thing now?
Trope-tan: I can hardly run at plotspeed if I can't drag *everyone* with ties.
Just how many azukari do you think I have?

Fred: Four million, six hundred and ninety-two.
Trope-tan: Astoundingly, that's precisely correct. Zenzai!
Jane: In any case, we're here.

Fred: I thought you said there were plot holes here?
Jane: There *were* plot holes here. "were" being the operative word.
Trope-tan: They only existed until #148:5, at which point they were somehow sealed through time travel.

Fred: You don't know how it happened?
Trope-tan: No, we're pulling a TrickedOutTime. I can only assume that somehow we managed it.

Fred: What about the Colour Drops?
That saturation energy burst you mentioned could coalesce a narrativium hoop, no?
Trope-tan: Saranari! Brilliant!

Jane: So our new plan is to jump back and wave the Colour Drops around near the plot holes. Fantastic.
I don't want to be the unending fount of negativity, but Bob's not here, so-
Bob (off panel): Ahem.

Bob: Ow.
Jane: Huh. I forgot he was there.


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