Comic 18 - Welcome Back

27th Apr 2008, 4:30 PM in The Thick Plottens
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Welcome Back

Our heroes walk to the right an awful lot. Perhaps there's some hidden treasure off the left side, but do they ever check?

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Author: Hello again.
Author: After realising how lame the comic was, I took a few days off, in order to make the comic actually GOOD. I thought up some hopefully good jokes, read some other webcomics for inspiration, and played a LOT of Halo 3. No, the Halo 3 wasn't actually part of my research.
Author: I've decided to make a few changes to the comic. As you have possibly realised, I've shrunk the font size to 12 instead of 14. I'm also probably going to make the panels bigger.
Author: I also need to fix the plot. Right now the characters are standing around in the middle of nowhere, having just used an insane number of ranks in Tumble to become a Morph Ball, traveled through a gratuitous Morph Ball Maze, and messed around with size-changing spells. The plot has no direction, and so the only character with any relevance to the plot needs to provide some.
Author: Time to get on with this PLOT!
Narrator: We return to our heroes as they continue walking to the right...
Bob: Finally! Time for some plot advancement!
Gary: Good. Let's get this plot advanced!


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