Comic 176 - It's Been A Long Day

9th Dec 2010, 6:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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It's Been A Long Day

It's predestination, naturally. I had to do all that stuff because you told me I did. A couple of storylines from now. Fortunately, now I get to leave, and you can get back to presenting title= text. Have a nice day!

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Author Notes:

Jane would have just used an invisibility spell, but those don't work on speech. And Trope-tan's… kind of talkative.

@snowyowl: I thought the comic was kind of resembling Bob and George, for exactly the same reason.

@The One Guy: The trip between the comic and the Authorship Shrine, and the subsequent trip between the Authorship Shrine and MST3K, did not include temporal jumps. Thus, a new day didn't start upon at the Satellite. A new day started shortly before comic #086, while Xavius was in the Authorship Shrine. The comic since then has all taken place on that same day. Of course, the in-comic day doesn't really matter all that much when the basic units of time are panels and comics.

While I haven't really seen enough MST3K to make a statement, I believe its time cycle is synchronised to the time in Deep 13. Since Deep 13 and therefore the SOL are operating on regular Earth time, strange relativistic issues shouldn't crop up.

Oh, and why are you so certain they don't mean real-time "tomorrow"? It's not like the comic updates on Saturdays, after all.


9th Dec 2010, 8:10 PM
Oh, right. The time-travellers arrive in this comic, but they're still well to the left of the door.
You're starting to resemble 8-Bit Theater a little. Not because all the main characters are Chaotic Evil, but because they spend more time standing around talking than advancing the plot.
(That's not a bad thing.)

10th Dec 2010, 5:12 PM
"We'll have to take tomorrow off." What are they even considering to be "tomorrow?" The day after the day they started on the space station, or after 24 hours have passed for the characters, you have to think about these things where time travel is concerned. And come to think of it, since they were on a space station, Einstein’s theories of relativity may come into play as well. At least we can be certain they don't mean real (out of comic) tomorrow.

11th Dec 2010, 12:37 AM
Well, the time travel shouldn't mess up their clocks too badly. We'll have to end the storyline with the comic number on the page matching the comic number in the URL. I take this to mean that the same amount of time will have passed for Jane and Trope-Tan as for Fred, Bob, Joel, and anyone else who didn't time travel. Then again, the comic is not necessarily a well-defined unit of time, as evidenced by the "Three to five working days later" in comic 1.



Jane: You'd better be able to fix that.
Trope-tan: Yeah, I should be able to.

Trope-tan: But we haven't got the hitotoki.
Right now, we need to hide.

Jane: What? Why?
Trope-tan: Bakarini your past!selves will be arriving right here in less than one comic.

Jane: Oh, right.
Major Image!

Trope-tan: *Nice* move. Just how long have you had that darani prepared?
Jane: The last ninety pages or so; they've all been on the same day, remember.

Trope-tan: True. In fact, we only *met* about eighty-five pages ago.
Jane: If this comic had a fourth wall, we'd only have known one another for a few hours.

Trope-tan: And we've spent this whole day running around the Satellite trying to seal plot holes. Crazy.
Jane: We'll have to take tomorrow off. Assuming tomorrow ever arrives.

Jane: But first, we need to fix this time machine so that the universe isn't entirely destroyed.
Trope-tan: You and your priorities.


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