Comic 173 - Hamdiscoveries

2nd Dec 2010, 6:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Here's the part where future!Fred mangled the *Firefly* intro. I wonder how much of the crazy technobabble I can figure out? Let me see… a "neutrino-hyperbola kinetic missile" would be something made of neutrinos moving really fast. I think. Its "atomic stabilisation field" would presumably be an artificially-constructed molecular bond or something; disrupting one would probably destroy the device it's on entirely. An "achronic stasis module" would be a device which stops time. Probably.

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Author Notes:

Why, yes, Trope-tan does now have fighting moves named in Japanese. Any questions?


2nd Dec 2010, 6:18 PM
good to see the return of the hat - is it a fedora?


2nd Dec 2010, 8:49 PM
On comic one-fifty? That's my cue!
Here's some info from me to past!you:
When Joel's time machine
Was last triggered on-screen
It went straight to comic forty-two.

If you're not past!me, please ignore the previous limerick. I just needed to convey important information to my past self at comic 150, so that he can solve the Author's riddle and get 1000 Awesome Points. And, for dramatic purposes, I needed to do so via a poem. Past!me doesn't know why yet, so please don't tell him.

Yes, I did just get 1000 Awesome Points through an ontological paradox. In fairness, I only did it because I remembered myself doing it from the first time. That's right: GORRAMIT, PREDESTINATION!

5th Dec 2010, 3:41 AM
what hat?



Trope-tan: Well, it lookth like we have one irejie.

Jane: "Hamdingers"? How is that supposed to help?
Trope-tan: There'th only one plathe on the Thatellite matthing that dethcripthon.

Trope-tan: And it is, saranari, this crate of Hamdingers!

Jane: Okay, we have a crate. Fantastic.
Trope-tan: And somehow, this crate must hold the kaihou to this puzzle.

Trope-tan: Somehow, this food that no one likes is the key.
This is megas confusing.
Jane: Perhaps it's the first hint in a complex logical puzzle that will take tens of pages to solve?

Trope-tan: Or there could just be something important inside the crate, nyoro.
Jane: Oh, yeah, that too.
I guess we should open it.

Trope-tan: Fudewofuruu… Kirichirasu!

Trope-tan: Yare yare….


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