Comic 172 - Authorial Advisory

30th Nov 2010, 6:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Authorial Advisory

Darn, my glasses fell off. I can't really put them back on, since I don't remember putting them back on from back when I was that other me…. Guess I should just stay here and try to still look awesome for a while?

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Jane: Well, that failed.
Trope-tan: Your ayamachi. If you hadn't sidetracked us with your discussion of speech impediments…

Jane: Okay, okay, I get it! Let us jump back *again*, this time with planning beforehand.
Trope-tan: We'll need more tayori. Where's our jouhougen?
Jane: Please, stop doing that.

Trope-tan: I invoke the Author, nyoro!
The Author: Yes?

Trope-tan: We need to know: how, exactly, did we fix the kyoudan anaboko?
The Author: You're using Gratuitous Japanese now?
Trope-tan: Apparently so, datesha!

Jane: We need to know how we fixed the plot holes, so that we may jump back in time and fix the plot holes.
Since apparently we lack the competency to just *do* it.
Trope-tan: This boukenshousetsu is fukuzatsu enough already.

The Author: It's not a lack of competency.
It's predestination.
Jane: Gorramit, predestination.
Trope-tan: Kamishimatta, yoteisetsu.

The Author: I can't actually tell you how you ended up doing it, unfortunately.
Jane: Why not?
The Author: Because my future self told me not to.
And went on to say that back when he was me, he didn't tell you either.

The Author: I can provide a… hint, though.
Trope-tan: … um, what's the ichigi of that?
The Author: I have no idea. Ask my future self.


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