Comic 17 - How About A Break?

20th Apr 2008, 4:30 PM in The Thick Plottens
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How About A Break?

Light globes don't exist in D&D. Thank the gods for oil lanterns, or I'd have to draw a candle.

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12th Dec 2010, 7:50 PM
Woah, characters telling the author to have a break... that IS meta.



Narrator: Twenty-seven minutes later...
Jane: Oh no! I'm out of Reduce and Enlarge spells!
Jane: Dispel Magic!
Bob: Alright, I am now officially more angry than anyone else in this stupid world!
Bob: Not only did I spend FOUR (or was it five?) comics not being the right size, every single one has had a lame punchline!
Bob: And, for a D&D comic, there hasn't been a SINGLE D&D joke! Maybe whoever's writing this thing should take some time off and think up some GOOD jokes.
Author: Bob's right. I should take some time off. The Way of the Metagamer returns 27th April.


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