Comic 168 - Recap

21st Nov 2010, 6:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Huh? I'm not going to make an incredibly witty quip. I'm not incredibly witty. What was I thinking back then? Also these are still my thoughts and not spoken. Just making that completely clear.

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Author Notes:

If I weren't omniscient, Jane's question in panel 6 would actually be legitimate; recall that the Author depicted here is the Author from this time, a different Author to the one who actually should know all that stuff, since it hasn't happened yet.


26th Nov 2010, 6:30 PM
my brain hurts - thanks for that.



The Author: Okay, great. I don't need to write any more comics until we get to… #168. Thanks for that.
Trope-tan: Doitashimashite!
(quieter) Why did I just speak in poor romanised Japanese again? This is *weird*.

Jane: So what are you going to do for the next… seven weeks, what with no more comics to write?
The Author: Play space snowball, naturally.
Jane: Ah. Of course.

Jane: We'd join you, but we probably have to advance the actual plot at some point.
Trope-tan: Yeah, what was happening, again? Something about plot holes?
Jane: Huh. We got kind of sidetracked. I can't remember.

The Author: You had travelled back in time, twice, in order to seal a trio of plot holes located immediately aft of the doorway leading to the theatre on the Satellite of Love at one precise instant (#148:5).
On your most recent trip backwards, the chronoclone density limitation capper was tripped and your spatial coordinates were offset such that you ended up in the holocabana preparation room, right here.
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The Author: Your past!selves went off to play space snowball, while you started conversing with me about bad stuff in the comic. A hypothetical comic with no bad stuff was produced, but you retconned it. Then the next storyline started.
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Trope-tan: *Nice* recap.
The Author: Nailed it!

The Author: Basically, there are plot holes to deal with.
Trope-tan: Ah, that's right. We should go fix them, deshou?
Jane: Wait, how could you possibly know all that?

The Author: What, apart from the fact that I read your memories with omniscience not one comic ago?
Jane: Um, yes, apart from that.

The Author: Magical Author powers.


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