Comic 162 - Historical Accuracy

4th Nov 2010, 5:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Historical Accuracy

Hmm. Okay, the universe still appears to exist. Good. Now back to DECIMATING.

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Author Notes:

@snowyowl: I am not sure how I feel about being told so consistently that I'm awesome. Also, we've never had a fourth wall, let alone for ten seconds straight. Nonetheless, WOO

@bob: Um, no. The narrator, like the title= text presenters, usually just reads out stuff the Author tells him to. He does technically have the ability to alter reality through his narrations, but since the Author's providing all the narrations, everything he says complies with the Author's grand plan for the plot. When he goes hivemind, he's stopped reading the narrations and starts taking actual control of the universe; of course, the Author immediately takes steps to deal with that.

Also, talking about myself in the third person is really weird.

@Shiroi689: Weird. On my end, the RSS feed is loading the correct pages with no problem. What feed reader are you using?

Also, who is this Title=-tan of whom you speak?

@Shiroi689 AGAIN: Okay, I have no idea why the feed's doing that. Basically, it's formatting the permalinks wrong by dropping the /pl/ bit; the correct link would end with "/comics/pl/67047", yet the feed's just giving "/comics/67047". I don't know why it's like that, and it's scaring me.

You could use her name. It's Ebony Nauss.


4th Nov 2010, 8:29 PM
"Days since we managed to have a fourth wall for ten seconds straight: -1"
That's right, you're so awesome you've managed to retroactively obliterate the fourth wall from the future. (The time travel helps.)

5th Nov 2010, 10:53 AM
Wait, hasn't the narrator, by definition, taken over the universe already?
The Evil hive mind has been essentially proven by his ability to keep narrating through the convolutions.
Nothing new then...

Awesome Comic and... Not So Awesome RSS Feed

6th Nov 2010, 1:00 PM
Hey! Just read all of this comic, and, apart from the lack of plot (which doesn't really damages the comic, it's good that way x3), this comic is real fun, and I simply love Title=-tan.
Though: The RSS feed links always bring me to the last comic page, even if I select a different page. Bug? Or PlotHole? Scheme of the Narrator to achieve world domination? Time Travel Discontinuity? o.o (Stay Tuned!)

8th Nov 2010, 11:26 AM
Uhm, to use the feed, I view the feed xml, and follow it using firefox live bookmarks.
Now that you make me notice it, the links on the xml are different from the usual ones @_@

Uhm, the Title= presentor given a cute nickname? dunno how to call her xD

26th Nov 2010, 5:53 PM
what about the ninth wall?



Narrator: We here at The Way Of The Metagamer apologise for Jane's "past" speech from the previous page.
We appear to have offended the delicate sensibilities of our "time travelers from the past" demographic with this crude stereotypical performance.
Jane: Even though it was pretty funny.

past!Jane: Forsooth, this crude treatment I find most foul.
past!Trope-tan: That speech was made in simple prose, alack.
Jane: Iambic pentameter is actually *difficult* nowadays.

Narrator: Jane shall now reproduce the original speech in historically accurate mode.
Jane: Well, um, I guess I could just try? Ahem.
When one plays space snowball, one must ensure/that cheating in the form to be described/does not occur unless it is awesome.
Narrator: No, we will tolerate no cheating at *all*. Awesomeness is not a factor.
Jane: Fine then, does not occur at all in play.

Jane: The form of which I speak is simply this:/if one should travel back in time, alas/one must not aid one's self back in the past.
This rule includes, but not exclusively/objects made through a paradox, forsooth./Also prohibited is the/utt'rance of falsehoods unto one's own self.

Jane: Especi'ly if such falsehoods do convince/one's self that such objects do awesome stuff.
Narrator: We approve of this reproduction.
Jane: That aforementioned rule does not exist./And so my strategy was totes legit.

Narrator: Um, you were supposed to realise the error of your ways upon explaining the rules and take back your cheating magical item.
Jane: Can't. Predestination.
Narrator: Gorramit, predestination.

Narrator: But wait! Predestination matters naught to us! For we are the Narrator! WE ARE LEGION! AND TOGETHER WE SHALL RULE THIS UNIVERSE!
Jane: That… is not good.
Trope-tan: Screaming and running would be a suitable response at this point.

Days Since The Narrator Became An Evil Hive Mind And Attempted To Take Over The Universe


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