Comic 161 - Oh, The Ontology!

2nd Nov 2010, 5:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Oh, The Ontology!


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Author Notes:

The eyes may not look that terrifying to you, dear readers. For the full uncanny valley effect, imagine seeing eyes like that on an actual person. Imagine it as hard as you can! Alternately, imagine that you and everybody else you have ever met is a stick figure in this art style, and then imagine seeing eyes like that on somebody.

@snowyowl: It is a +3 Headband of Space Snowball Winning, but only because the only person who knows what it is (Jane) manages to convince herself that it is. Trope-tan realises that Jane's making it up, although not actually lying, because Jane has to ask her what the activity's called. However, Trope-tan is not omniscient; if she were, she wouldn't need to take so many notes.

present!Jane is utterly convinced by the "lie", but she does hear future!Jane's line in the last panel, which completely explains the scheme. However, she's not really focusing on it all that well. It's only later that she figures out what she said and determines the significance of the events.

Okay, that was a little confusing. I'm just going to wave my hands around and say "predestination" instead.


3rd Nov 2010, 4:26 PM
I keep trying to make eyes like that just to confuse people and it never works.

How does Trope-Tan know it's not a +3 Headband of Space Snowball Winning? It could be. Ontological paradoxes can do that (or at least they can in my stories, I don't know if that's still the case for the Metagamers). Anyway, Trope-tan is supposed to know everything about everything when in a work of fiction, so what exactly- *PlotHole*
(Edit: *RetroactivelyClosedByTimeTravelPlotHole*)

Oops. Anyway, I liked Jane's hair better when she had the awesome headband. Fortunately I know she will get it back at some point (or get a new one) because future!her was wearing it in comic #146. That's science.

Edit: How does Jane know she's lying to herself? If present!Jane believed the lie, future!Jane would too, so she wouldn't know she was lying. So I can only assume that she just lied to herself knowing full well that she wouldn't believe herself. I think Jane needs more practice with this chronoclone thing.

4th Nov 2010, 4:26 AM
Predestination it is then. This stuff is handy :)

(If I chronocloned myself, I'm pretty sure I would be able to constitute an {{UnpleasableFanbase}} on my own.)

26th Nov 2010, 5:44 PM
hypothetical high five..... nice



present!Jane: Okay, there appear to be an additional two of both Trope-tan and myself. I assume this was caused by something needlessly convoluted. Time travel?
Jane: In this comic? Of course.

Trope-tan: Y'know, I'm sure that only a few pages ago, you claimed that you did *not* meet us at this point.
Jane: Yeah, I was lying. Predestination.
Trope-tan: Gorramit, predestination.

present!Jane: Hey, future!self! Are you going to give me vague warnings about future events?
Jane: I would certainly like to, but I'm only from the next chapter.
Trope-tan: Also providing such information would probably create a paradox. And those are bad.

Jane: Although there is one thing… here.
present!Jane: An awesome headband?
Jane: Yep!

present!Jane: What exactly is this for?
Jane: It's a +3 Headband of…
(quietly) What was this activity called again?
Trope-tan (quietly): Space snowball.
Jane: A +3 Headband Of Space Snowball Winning.

Jane: Good luck out there!
present!Jane: Alright, thanks!

Trope-tan: You not only just received an object, namely the headband, from yourself…
Jane: An ontological paradox, yep.
Trope-tan: … but you also *lied to yourself* regarding said object's function.
Jane: Yep!
Trope-tan (quieter): Also your eyes have suddenly turned… really weird.
Jane: Yeppers!
Trope-tan (quieter): I'm getting {{Coraline}} flashbacks here. Those things are terrifying.

Trope-tan: Um, I was going to accuse you of cheating to win the space snowball fight. But now I think I may prefer to curl up in the foetal position and shiver uncontrollably.
Jane: Well, uh… shall we just pretend you stuck to the script and accused me of cheating?
Trope-tan: Yeah, let us go with that. Ahem.

Trope-tan: That's how you won the space snowball fight! You *cheated*!
Jane: I'm pretty sure the rules don't say "thou shalt not travelle backwards in thy temporal plane and giveth thyself objects paradoxicalle, givinge said objects magickal properties bye convincing thyself that saide objects have saide properties" anywhere.
Trope-tan: … well, they definitely should.


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