Comic 157 - It Will All Make Sense Eventually I SWEAR

24th Oct 2010, 5:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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It Will All Make Sense Eventually I SWEAR

Look, I stand by what I said last time. Seal the potentially reality-destroying tear in reality first. Or at least, y'know, push the heretic through said tear in reality, as was the original plan, before the tear becomes unstable and kills everyone… wait, where's my past!self anyway? I was standing right here both times….

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Author Notes:

Readers, don't forget that The Way Of The Metagamer has a wiki! Contributing to this wiki shall be rewarded with Awesome Points. As first contributor apart from me, Snowyowl shall receive 5k Awesome Points. Hooray.

Also, I have a tagline. "The Way Of The Metagamer: the only comic so convoluted that even the hair ties are time travellers." Awesome taglines will also be rewarded with Awesome Points.

@MatthewJA: :D

Y'know, the comic's title may be among the most serendipitous things ever. I had never originally planned for the comic's meta properties to escalate to such a level; in fact, the eponymous "metagamer" was actually going to be a prestige class the protagonists would take later on in the comic. But the D&D focus lessened, the comic referenced itself one too many times, and the "meta" component of the title became the most important element of the comic as a whole. Awesome.

@The One Guy: The only appropriate response is HOLY CRAP MAY I STEAL THAT? … kidding. I'll probably just forget about it and then accidentally use it without remembering the source.


24th Oct 2010, 8:42 PM
A lot of fun nuttiness!

24th Oct 2010, 8:58 PM
I'm going to keep a running tally now, probably on my wiki userpage. I think I have about 6k Awesome Poits, but dammit, I'm going to CHECK!

...wait, I promised the guys at Achievementoholics Anonymous I wouldn't do that sort of thing. It's just too easy to get me to do things by promising that people will be able to see my achievements list.

25th Oct 2010, 12:42 PM
Meta-comment for the meta-gamer?

25th Oct 2010, 2:52 PM
Well, just to prove things can always get more meta, I just had a dream this morning where I accidentally trapped the author of a webcomic within the same continuity as one I was making within the one I was making, thereby also trapping him within his own comic. Yet he still was writing his own comic, and had all the capabilities of the author. Somehow we managed to keep everything consistent between the comics despite numerous cases of deus ex machina, both from within and outside of the comics, up to and beyond things like cutting and pasting panels (even cross strip and cross comic) and laws of the universe defying actions. By the time I woke up the plot was completely twisted in a knot and the author was still trapped in the comics. So, yea, things can always get more confusing, and I can't help but think this comic was part of what caused the dream.

26th Oct 2010, 3:40 AM
I have just worked out why there is only one Ebony at the bottom of this page. Think about it: future!Ebony never went through the time portal, and present!Ebony was here already. We can only see one version of Ebony at the moment. It seems logical to conclude that she is in fact present!Ebony, not future!Ebony as we thought before. And she knows about future events because she has read the comic, and the future has already been in the comic.

(This EpilepticTree has been carefully crafted to result in as many plot holes as possible.)


23rd Nov 2010, 4:58 PM
with - fun and nutty



present!Trope-tan (off panel): ... So get *out*.
past!Trope-tan: A plot hole's there, fabric tearing, alas.
Trope-tan: I was hoping to arrive before that plot hole opened.
How... inconvenient.

Joel: Oh, hey, everyone.
Apparently two of everyone. Time travel?
Jane: Hey! It's Joel!
Trope-tan: And yeah, time travel.
Joel: It happens.

present!Bob (off panel): ... like *Disaster Movie*.
Trope-tan: Would you mind going over there and telling present!me to fix that plot hole?
Joel: Oh, sure.
Trope-tan: Great, thanks.

Joel (off panel): ... No need to beat the crap out of people, right?
Trope-tan: Oh, there's a need.
past!Trope-tan: What is this need? I know not of this time.
Trope-tan: Nothing much. He just prefers *Disaster Movie* to *Buffy*.
past!Trope-tan: Forsooth, crap must now be beaten from him.

past!Trope-tan: Alas, we need to swap notes more often.
Jane: Joel doesn't appear to be telling you to fix the plot hole.
Trope-tan: Darn it, predestination.
past!Jane: Alack, I thought predes' did not apply.
Trope-tan: Well, apparently it does *now*.

present!Bob (off panel): ... I hated those!
Trope-tan: Come *on*, me! The plot hole's decaying right there behind me!
We need to get closer to it. We need...

Trope-tan: ... a secret passage.

Jane: Wait, that was a quip?
Trope-tan: Of course not. When I make a quip, everyone *knows* I've made a quip.
Apparently I just get closeups whenever I put on my badass shaded goggles.

past!Jane (imitating narrator): Upon taking such a passage, forsooth!
Trope-tan: Okay, we should be able to fix it from over here.
Jane: Hang on, you just started beating the crap out of Bob.
We need to watch this.
present!Trope-tan (off panel): Unforgivable! Agent of...

present!Trope-tan (off panel): ... pretty RummageSaleReject...
Trope-tan: Okay, you were right. We need to watch this.
Jane: Good thing we could find the popcorn and or snowcones!
past!Jane: Forsooth, this show is quite awesome! Alack!

present!Trope-tan (off panel): ... Sailor Trope-tan! In the name...
Trope-tan: So *that's* where those hair things went.
Jane: Your speech is far too long, you know. Also it sounds ridiculous.

past!Jane: The walls hath turned a navy shade, forsooth!
Trope-tan: Yeah, that's how my transformation sequence starts.
It saves animation budget.

Trope-tan: See, if we'd fixed the plot hole earlier, we would have *actually seen* the fight sequence, JANE.
Jane: That's not actually my name.
(quieter) Your hair's kind of unbalanced, incidentally.
Trope-tan: The point still stands.
(quieter) And darn, is it?

present!Joel (off panel): ... Is that a bad thing?
Jane: Yes, JOEL. It is a bad thing, as we pointed out earlier.
past!Trope-tan: Alack, it shall cause plague of death and such.
Trope-tan (quieter): Is that better?
past!Jane (quieter): It's still offset but now the other way.
Trope-tan (quieter): Darn.

present!Trope-tan (off panel): ... about to destroy the entire Satellite.
past!Trope-tan: Forsooth. That was the "such" of which I spoke.
Jane: Well, great. Now we need a new plan to deal with the plot holes.
Trope-tan: Working on it.
Once I get this hair fixed.

present!Trope-tan (off panel): ... round of punishing Bob first.
Trope-tan: Priorities, gorramit! Sealing a tear in reality is more important than punishing the guy who claimed to like *ManosTheHandsOfFate* unironically.
... actually, no, the punishment comes first.


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