Comic 155 - Confusion: Averted

19th Oct 2010, 5:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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Confusion: Averted

Iambic pentameter's really fun./It's hard to write yet sounds awesome, forsooth./Despite the fact that I'm not from the past,/I'll still speak in five stressed/unstressed sound pairs./(The second-last forwardslash was not to be/a semantic sign to be a linebreak./It just resembled one in certain ways./The blame rests on syntax overloading.)

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Author Notes:

These comics are SO MUCH FUN to write.

Fun fact: past!Trope-tan's line at the end of panel one is equivalent to "Indeed, indeed indeed indeed indeed". Fun!
Fun fact: the word "verily" is an extremely confusing one when it comes to meter. It seems it should be split "ver-i-ly" and have three syllables. Maybe. Or maybe it's "veri-ly" and has two syllables? Fun!
Fun fact: Trope-tan's now had four types of high fives with herself: chronoclone five, historical revisionism five, forsooth five, and silent and thus type-unknown five. Fun!
Fun fact: iambic pentameter comprises five unstressed/stressed pairs, and not five stressed/unstressed pairs. The more you know! Fun!
These are FUN facts! Let us have fun with them, guys!
Fun fact: the reason why page numbers will be confusing is that the number at the top of ComicFury layouts is garnered from the database automatically and I can't set one manually (say, to -40). The number at the top of my comic will be set correctly for that page's time (probably #148, or close), yet the big number above it will read #155, or close. How confusingly inconsistent! Also fun!
Fun fact: I actually have the debate regarding Buffy episode Nightmares completely planned out, despite the fact that Jane interrupted it back on page #154. Fun!
Fun fact: Fellow troper Orngjce223 created a LiveJournal roleplaying account for Trope-tan! But that's not the fun part. Oh no, it isn't. The fun part is that NOT ONLY is my comic cited as canon in her profile ("Also, canon, as much as an anthropomorphized wiki can have a canon."), but the userpics for said account are art cropped from the comic directly. Fun!

@snowyowl: It's unstressed/stressed. Ebony knows how to speak properly in iambic pentameter, she just doesn't know what it's called. ;) So it's basically "the BLAME rests ON synTAX oVERloaDING". "iT WiLl Be DaRk sOoN. ThErE Is nO wAy Out oF HeRe." For now, the edited pages are staying exactly as they are, despite the fact that this appears to introduce a plot hole; all will be explained eventually.

And cheating? Perhaps. But alack, it must be done; we are abusing the fourth wall in ways it has never been abused before, unless it actually has been done exactly like this before. We are reading the comic's title and placing the "meta" component of it in <strong> emphasis tags, which in the CSS have been set to 3em bold italic type and have a jQuery function to make them glue themselves to the inside of the reader's skulls. We are redefining the term "post-modernism" to mean basically what it already does except more so. To paraphrase Seto Kaiba: screw the rules, we are actually in a webcomic!


19th Oct 2010, 7:19 PM
I can tell you had crazy fun making this!

20th Oct 2010, 12:28 AM
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pronounce "syntax overloading" in stressed/unstressed pairs.

20th Oct 2010, 1:33 AM
And are you going to leave the old altered pages in place? It looks like you've suddenly and temporarily developed better art skills and added a time-travel scene for no apparent reason other than to set up a joke that you only return to two years later.
That's so awesome it might be considered cheating.


23rd Nov 2010, 4:42 PM
that's all - good story line this.



past!Trope-tan: We've found our proof; all who hail from the past...
Trope-tan: ... speak in iambic pentameter and use the word "forsooth" repeatedly for no real reason.
past!Trope-tan: Indeed, forsooth forsooth forsooth forsooth.

Jane: And now, let us travel back and fix those plot holes!
Trope-tan: Let us!
past!Jane: Let us, um, er, do so, alack, forsooth!

past!Trope-tan: The telematrix is aligned and primed.
Trope-tan: Coordinates locked!
past!Trope-tan: It seems achronal state draws nigh - hang on.
Perhaps we could perchance adjust the mode?

Trope-tan: Sorry, but "adjust the mode"? This speech pattern is very confusing.
past!Trope-tan: I merely think reuploads do not work.
To add a new page would be a success.
Trope-tan: Ah. True, editing old pages is naturally a recipe for confusion.

Trope-tan: Okay, we'll set the GIGAHERTZ to produce *new* pages while we're in the past, rather than overwriting old ones. Should keep the story reasonably understandable for new readers.
Explanation Box™ 2, Back By Lack Of Popular Demand
Jane: There's an option to do that?
Trope-tan: There are options to do *everything*.
past!Trope-tan: Alas, now page numbers shall much confuse./But matter not! Our main trouble is solved.

(Trope-tans configuring the GIGAHERTZ)
past!Jane: I looked at *Dune* on my advice, forsooth.
Jane: Very good. I shall particularly enjoy the bit where-
past!Jane: Speak no more, lest spoilers be learned too soon.

Trope-tan: Ah, here we go. Just flip this switch and...
past!Trope-tan: ... page overwriting is no more, forsooth!
Jane: And now we shall actually fix the plot holes as planned?
Trope-tan: Precisely!

Krakow! Whummmmmmmmmmm bzzzoam!
past!Trope-tan: Achronality achieved, forsooth!/Let us away into times now long past!
I do request a five quite verily!
Trope-tan: Forsooth five! Woo!


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