Comic 145 - These Films Are Better, So Watch Them Instead

29th Jul 2010, 5:00 PM in Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey
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These Films Are Better, So Watch Them Instead

I *know* you're about to make an incredibly witty quip about the situation while removing and replacing your badass shades. And I'm going to hate that. And I'm probably going to cry. Again.

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Author Notes:

Writer's tip: if you can't write decent quips, just write terrible ones and blame your characters for it.

Oh, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is an utterly brilliant time-travel film. Watch it.


29th Jul 2010, 6:40 PM
love time travel stories - keem em coming and make them legen...wait for it... oh I forget the rest.

Jezz you acutally used it.

1st Aug 2010, 6:51 AM
Wow the line that you said you'd used was actually used.
And it was a really bad quip.
And yes I have read all the comics now.
DaShenMaster OUT!!!



Jane: So you're future!Fred, travelling back in time from the end of this chapter, filled with zany time-travel antics?
future!Fred: Yes, that is exactly what I just finished telling you.

Jane: I can only respond by asking: why? What is the point of this jump backwards?
future!Fred: Mostly to provide dramatic foreshadowing and Chekhov's guns. But, more importantly...

future!Fred: After my previous jump to 2015, I accidentally ended up in 1985-A upon my return, so I've jumped back to 1955 to steal Gray's. Sports. Almanac. from Biff Tannen and restore the original 1985.
Jane: Wrong century. This is NextSundayAD.

Jane: Tell me again, with a greater degree of truthiness.
future!Fred: Fine. Let's see.

future!Fred: I travelled back in hot pursuit: the machines sent back a robotic assassin to kill John Connor.
Jane: We don't even have a character called John.
future!Fred: My objective is to stop said assassin, despite having no weaponry, surprisingly little combat expertise, and practically no hope of defeating it.

Jane: You're clearly lying. Again.
future!Fred: I'm travelling through time to collect historical figures such that I pass my history exam and my band isn't broken up?
Jane: Yeah, no.

Jane: Please, stop making references to popular time-travel films. We do have a plot to get on with.
Crow: A plot? Where?
future!Fred: It isn't hard to find the plot...

future!Fred: ... just follow the *plotted line*.
Jane: That was quite possibly the worst quip ever.
... and where did the shades come from?


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