Comic 142 - You Just Had To Say It

23rd Jul 2010, 5:48 PM in Take That Us
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You Just Had To Say It

While we're discussing things that bug people, I don't get why there's snow in space. That was just *weird*. It's not like it's actually cold in space, y'know.

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23rd Jul 2010, 5:58 PM
Is it me ro is this front a little hard to read?



Trope-tan: Okay, snowball fight's over. We need to leave before the imminent end of reality itself.
Jane: Wait. I need to finish my snowcone.

Trope-tan (imitating narrator): One snowcone later...
Jane: Okay, done.
Trope-tan: Let us go now.

Jane: Hang on. Something's still bugging me.
Trope-tan: Fine, let's hear it. And then we can get on with not dying and other such far less important things.

Jane: Remember the Mads' jay-fee-ted?
Trope-tan: ...yes?
Jane: It's almost exactly like the holocabana. I think the tay-go-fred was a prototype holocabana design.

Trope-tan: Yes, I am also convinced that the vfay-dtee-doad was intended to become the holocabana later on.
Jane: In that case, how can we already have the holocabana when the pay-toe-vod was only just created?


Trope-tan/Jane: *Crap*.


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