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9th Jul 2010, 4:25 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - Medium Size Category

"The main problem with a Vancian magic system. You can't cast HALF a spell. Jane's just too good at this magic stuff." Pretty sure there's some metamagic feat that does exactly that... Hmm.

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Author Notes:

We're nearing the planned ending of the chapter... Dun dun dun or something!

The original version of this comic is here.


9th Jul 2010, 9:21 PM
I said it back then and I say it again. Reduce Person "counters and dispels" Enlarge Person, and viceversa.
He should've been back to his normal size by at least the second spell, assuming his original reduction was caused by a different effectd.
Which seems likely. Why was he shrunken again?

10th Jul 2010, 1:03 PM
He's only shrunk because 00Davo accidentally drew him too small in the previous few comics and tried to justify it. Unless it's secretly part of a massive overarching storyline which - no, that can't be it. Can it?

10th Jul 2010, 3:34 PM
@snowyowl: Yeah, that's pretty much it. I resized him when he jumped into the goblin mosh pit and failed to scale him back up properly.

@nitpicker: "counters and dispels" has a specific meaning in D&D rules. I posted a comment back on the original page explaining this.

29th Jul 2010, 6:20 PM
awwww he was so cute and blinky... I don't discuss my process



Bob: My, you're awfully tall all of a sudden...

Trope-tan: Hey, incredibly creepy mini-Bob just {{Title Drop}}ped the previous comic. Interesting.
Jane: I don't think my arm is supposed to bend that far. Ouch.

Bob: Oh. I've shrunk, haven't I?

Fred: Well done, Captain Obvi- *Evident*.
Joel: Also, you're standing lower on the ground. Or something.
You're really not that much shorter than everyone else.

Bob: Well, you'd better drum up an Enlarge Person spell *right now*!

Tom: Can't it wait a couple of minutes?
Crow: We're really enjoying standing in exactly the same spot in every panel!

Jane: Fine. Enlarge Person!

Trope-tan: Wait. Enlarge Person is a first-level wizard spell. Cure Light Wounds is a first-level *cleric* spell. You can't be multiclassing this early, so *how* is that even possible?
Jane: Isn't it evident? A wizard did it.
Trope-tan: Oh, of course.

Jane: Huh? Where did he go?

Joel: Home?
Fred: Comic book store?
Tom: The moon?
Crow: Out of the comic?

Jane: Oh.

Joel: So he didn't go *anywhere*? What was the point of that other panel?
Trope-tan: If incredibly creepy giant-Bob was standing right there, why didn't he appear in the previous panel?
Bob: Because of *physics*.

Bob: Great. Try Reduce Person.

Jane: Really, trying Dispel Magic would make a lot more sense here. Combining two spells in that manner can have unpredictable effects and stuff.
Fred: Why did you have both Enlarge and Reduce Person prepared, anyway?

Trope-tan: Incredibly tiny (and possibly creepy although we can't really tell) Bob is still speaking in this panel. But there's no speech bubble...
Bob: I was definitely pointing out how Jane having all those spells prepared made no sense. And I certainly wasn't cursing at her like a complete idiot. Definitely. Yeah.
Trope-tan: Yeah, I *definitely* believe you.


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