Comic 134 - MSTed - Morph Ball

5th Jul 2010, 1:32 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - Morph Ball

"Samus Aran has many, many ranks in Tumble." Yep. Four trillion, seventy-nine billion, three-hundred and twenty million, four thousand and ninety-two ranks in Tumble, as of Metroid Fusion. Yes, I did the math.

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Author Notes:

We're about halfway through my plan for this chapter. The plot will be advanced eventually. Probably.

The original version of this comic is here.


6th Jul 2010, 6:46 AM
This arc turns the better than a light bulb trope even higher, doesn't it?

7th Jul 2010, 4:45 PM
It's Better Than A Bare Bulb. And yes, it does. This chapter's taking lampshading Up To Eleven, or perhaps even Beyond The Impossible.

29th Jul 2010, 6:45 PM
righ then... good to know...

1st May 2014, 6:55 AM
Mr. R
how many does she have as of metroid other M? or SSB4 for the 3DS or wiiU ebony?



Narrator: Three hours later...
Fred: ... and they'll get attacks of opportunity! And battleaxes do pretty good damage to a level 1 character! And you don't have ranks in Jump, or Tumble, or anything!

Joel: Also, thousands of miles away.
Bob: How do you *know* I don't have ranks?
Fred: Bob, you don't know what a Jump check even is.
Bob: ... you win this round.

Fred: And... crap. I think it just might be the time to RUN for my life.

Crow: Gee, you think?
Jane: Less shouting, more running for your life.
Trope-tan: Attack of the goblin clones!
Jane: Goblins are cloned?
Trope-tan: Y'know, because they're the same drawing? Just copied and pasted? Oh, forget it.

Fred: At least I put so many ranks in Tumble...

Trope-tan: Pop quiz, hotshot. How many ranks does Fred Phillips have in the Tumble skill?
Joel: Four?
Tom: A flobbity-jillion?
Crow: Shoot the hostage?

Fred: Eep. I'm up pretty high.
Maybe if I close my eyes all this will go away...
Crow: The suspense is killing me. And the bad writing.
Tom: Will Fred survive this ordeal? Find out after the break!
Crow: Mostly the bad writing.


Joel: Wait, *what*?
Fred: Yep. I can blatantly rip off moves from classic video games.
Joel: No, seriously, where did you get that ability?
Fred: Wizard did it.
Joel: Oh. Okay.

Jane: And today in Swallow Falls, it's raining giant blue bowling balls!
Fred: Yipes! I-I'll be crushed... and no time to jump aside!
Trope-tan: There's time to stutter about it, though.

Fred: You're coming with me!

Crow: It's curious that the remaining hundreds of goblins are making no effort to stop the bright blue intruder.
Joel: Probably because they don't want to die horribly, crushed under a bowling ball.
Crow: He doesn't even *look* like a bowling ball.

Goblin Mook #1: So, uh, how many ranks of Tumble do you think he-
Goblin Mook #3: Shut up.

Jane: Hey, do you think he's got morph-ball bombs?
Trope-tan: Almost certainly. A far more interesting question is whether he has super bombs.
Bob: Everybody shut up and stop making references I don't understand.
Trope-tan: ... you've never played a {{Metroid}} game? What are you *doing* in this comic?


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