Comic 132 - MSTed - Great Escape

30th Jun 2010, 2:48 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - Great Escape

"All comics have a backstage area. Even realistic ones in which the panels can't be pulled down." Says you. I'll probably make a comic called "Ebony Nauss's Comic In Which There Is No Backstage Area" just because you said that. It'll be shot on location, so it doesn't need backstage.

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Author Notes:

Epic-level Balance is awesome.

The original version of this comic is here.


30th Jun 2010, 10:20 PM
Wow... Epic Balance lets you walk on water (how is that even balance?). Epic Climbing lets you climb along a ceiling with no handholds. Epic Forgery allows you to forge handwriting you've never seen. Epic Spot allows you to see invisible objects even without assistance. Epic Swimming lets you swim up waterfalls. Epic Tumble allows you to ignore fall damage.
Assuming you are lucky with the dice, Epic skills are probably the most open to abuse features I've ever seen in a D&D game.

12th Aug 2010, 1:24 PM
Trust me, you haven't seen Epic Spellcasting.



Joel: Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...
Jane: Hmm. Did I leave the gas on at home? Worrying.

Jane: Huh? Where did he go?

Jane: Seriously, the comic exit's just off the side of this panel! Where's he going?!
Fred: How did you notice he was gone? You're failing every Listen check, and you can't make a Spot check unless you turn around *first*.

Fred: So, you're saying we can get out of the comic through here?

Crow: He just... pulled back... the side of the *panel*?!
Tom: But it's... that doesn't... *what*.

Bob: It's a comic. We can slip through here behind the panels, and run through the backstage area until we find an exit.

Fred: Hang on, let me roll Sense Motive to see if I believe you.
Trope-tan: You're going backstage? Watch out for stagehands! And ninja!

Bob: Come on!

Fred: We'll just stand out here in this endless void.
Epic-level Balance checks, I guess.
Crow: Don't forget your fish!

Fred: Okay. Where do we go now?
Bob: Let's try this way.

Tom: Or that way! Or the other way! Or... oh, I can't decide...
Jane: Hey, I think you left this panel in front of your scene! Author!

Fred: Hmm. Nothing.
Bob: Nothing over there either.

Tom: Not nothing. *Everything*. Weren't you listening?
Trope-tan: Tom, I don't think they can actually hear us.
Jane: Oh my, there are voices in the wall. It must be... a *talking wall*.

Bob: Maybe if we had some light? It's kinda dark back here.
Fred: Maybe we could use a candle? Unless there's a light switch?
Jane: The switch is by the door, on the left.
Fred: Oh, thanks.

Joel: Door? What door?
Crow: And how can you possibly know where the switch is?
Jane: Scrying.
Crow: ... of course.


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