Comic 130 - MSTed - All According To Plan

25th Jun 2010, 4:56 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - All According To Plan

"Printing costs are often prohibitive. That's why this is a webcomic, and I don't print out an infinite number of copies on paper every time I make a page." Titular, it would just be weird if you were printing out the Author's comic. Really, really weird.

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Author Notes:

There are tropes in this comic! See if you can spot them!

Incidentally, zOMG incredibly long page.

The original version of this comic is here.


25th Jun 2010, 6:28 PM
ok that was officially hilarious - best in a while. happy saturday

25th Jun 2010, 9:07 PM
Nice one. And I have to say, the "you were going away" bit made me crack up.



Gary: So, anyway, what was I saying?

Joel: You were offering us your incredibly vast fortune, since you now have no use for it from beyond the grave.
Trope-tan: You were going to play AD&D First Edition with us.
Crow: You were going to *go away*.

Fred: You were about to tell me what on earth is going on!

Joel: Aww... now we miss out on an incredibly vast fortune.
Trope-tan: Aww... we don't get to play AD&D with *the* Gary Gygax.
Crow: He's. Not. Going. Away.
Fred: ... sorry...

Gary: I'm Gary Gygax, the creator of D&D. This place is the Book of D&D. The reason why you ended up in this dark place is so I can explain the plot.

Crow: A plot? Where?
Tom: I also wished to ask for your chocolate-chip cookie recipe.
Jane: You still owe me fifty bucks, too.

Fred: Okay, but does it really need to be so dark?

Bob: Yes. Yes, it does.
Joel: You do not want to see what's in this room.
Tom: I saw it once.
My head exploded. Twice.

Gary: Not really.

Fred: No, no, no! I don't want to see this...
Jane: Huh. The room's just... sort of grey.
Trope-tan: Well, that was anti-climactic.

Fred: So, uh, why have you made this Book thing?

Trope-tan: Money, dear boy.
Joel: Also, some rubbish about the universe being invaded by evil forces and stuff like that. Nothing important.

Gary: 4th Edition.

Crow: ... will make me even more money!
Tom: Dungeons and Dragons: it prints money!

Gary: 4th Edition has lost the marvelous complexity that is D&D. Roleplaying is being sacrified for game balance. The Bard is being removed!

Trope-tan: Pretty sure there's still a sourcebook with the Bard in it.
Fred: And one can still roleplay in 4th Edition.
Jane: And the rulebooks are still long and confusing.

Gary: This Book was created to preserve the old ways of roleplaying, passed to the greatest heroes of the real world, giving them the power to reverse the change, to save D&D!

Joel: And then it was mass-produced and sold to everyone who walked into a game store!
Jane: That's a good question, actually. Why *wasn't* the Book mass-produced and sold to everyone who walked into a game store? Having many more heroes would make our task much easier...
Bob: We have a task?

Fred: Cool, more panels!
Gary: Yes, it's a double length special. Shut up and listen to the old man dispensing important plot points.

Crow: Plot points? Where?
Joel: It's a little odd that you can look down and see more panels. Shouldn't the floor be in the way?
Fred: There isn't any floor on this page. We appear to be hovering in a void.

Fred: Wait wait wait. The Book was supposed to be "passed" to great heroes? Bob just got it off eBay.

Fred: ... wait wait wait wait wait wait wait waity wait wait. Wait.
Tom: Did... the comic just point out one of its own many plot holes?
Jane: You can get *anything* on eBay.

Gary: Well, um... how do you think we'd "pass" magical artifacts on these days?

Jane: It's "artefacts", no?
Trope-tan: Personally, I'd notify the intended recipient of the artefact, and have them pick it up in person.
Fred: Yeah, putting such a vital object online to be accessed by the general public is not a good idea.

Gary: Well, you'd better be on your way... This quest won't complete itself! (And you could use some story XP)

Crow: Bet you 3 RAM-chips that the quest completes itself.
Tom: You're on.
Bob: We'd better get story XP for sitting through this so-called "story".
Jane: Just bashing the story isn't funny, Bob. You need to make actual jokes.

Fred: WAIT! Why is the world in the Book in black and white??

Trope-tan: You mean monochrome.
Or possibly greyscale.
Jane: I'm pretty sure that was because of artist-laziness.

Gary: To save on printing costs. Do you have any idea how much it costs to print a whole world?

Fred: Three dollars ninety-five?
Crow: Plus postage and handling?
Joel: He only printed one copy. Colouring it in wouldn't cost *that* much.

Gary: Bye!

Tom: Bye!
Trope-tan: You can't leave yet. We've only read one page of the chapter.
The doors would still be locked, if nothing else.
Tom: Only one page? Really?
Crow: Oh no, he forgot his *fish*!


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