Comic 129 - Totally Awesome

22nd Jun 2010, 5:00 PM in Take That Us
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Totally Awesome

I'm awesome. In fact, if I was being displayed in panels I'd be putting on a pair of cool shades in the next panel. That's how awesome I am.

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Author Notes:

Aww, Cambot got to finally do something.

You out there in the audience think I'm badass, right? Right?


24th Jun 2010, 5:23 PM
well we think you're bad...



Fred: ... and that's as far as we've seen.
Joel: What do you think, sirs?

Doctor Forrester: Again, impressive, Joel.
TV's Frank (hologram): How did you produce that desaturation effect?

Joel: Oh, right.
I sent back the GIGAHERTZ's time probe by only a few moments, configured to pick up specifically flagged "saturated" objects. The probe recorded footage for all the relevant objects and temporally displaced it back to Cambot's time-Ethernet unit. Then this footage was synchronised with Cambot's own, which he reduced in saturation to essentially zero. Simple.
Technobabble Box 10: The Spinoffs Weren't Really Selling ™
Cambot: I'm helpful!

Doctor Forrester: Oh, well, the CFVDEWTODSFE can do cool stuff like that too.
(quietly) I think.
Back to the experiment. Push the button, Frank!

Tom: Webcomic sign?
Joel: Webcomic sign.
Crow: Fine, we got webcomic sign!

Xavius: You just copied and pasted the door sequence, didn't you?
Author: ... maybe.
Xavius: Why are we just floating around here doing nothing, anyway?
Author: Because.

Xavius: We *could* dock with the Satellite and help with the MSTing.
Author: Good idea. Let's.

Xavius: You're trying to look all badass like The Detective. And failing.
Author: ... yeah. Sigh.


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