Comic 128 - Here's How It Is

20th Jun 2010, 5:00 PM in Take That Us
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Here's How It Is

Ahem. The universe is ending, this joke was stolen from xkcd, duct tape is legendary, TV Tropes has everything, Titular has a tendency to state the obvious, speech bubbles are overpowered, puppies are not so harmless, Marcie's... dead, and Fred talks too much.

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Author Notes:

How does the green-screen still work when desaturated? Because of physics.


24th Jun 2010, 5:24 PM
physics....mmmmm....full of yummy goodness

1st May 2014, 6:09 AM
Mr. R
no it works because hes using the green screen to produce a image that LOOKS desaturated and they painted everything else to appear desaturated and depainted for the not in book parts



Dada da da (da da, da da da da) Dada da da...
Magic Voice: Re-enactment of *The Way Of The Metagamer* - chapters one and two - commencing in one panel.

Bob: Oh my, I have purchased this book from eBay, warping time-space causality in the process!
Well, time to check out my new book and clarify that I am doing so with unnecessary exposition!

Bob: Oh no! I'm being transported inside the book by a blatant Harry Potter reference!
Trope-tan: It's *not* a Harry Potter reference!
Bob: I know, I know!

Bob: Everything's in black and white-
Trope-tan: Monochrome!
Bob: I get it!

Bob: Now I wish to leave this comic for no adequately explained reason!
Jane: I can help with that.

Tom: Stop. Doing. That. *Now*.
Jane: Pardon?

Fred: Oh my, a book! I've got plenty of time to sit and read this! It's not like I've got work to do!
I certainly couldn't go and look for Bob, or anything *sensible* like that!

Joel (as Gary): Wooooo... I'm a ghoooost... A ghoooost who will explaaainn the plooot...
Fred: I have no idea who you are! Hooray!
Crow: A plot? Where?!


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