Comic 126 - MSTed - Out Of Space

15th Jun 2010, 5:00 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - Out Of Space

"If only Fred hadn't talked so much, we'd get the plot without annoying cliffhangers." Huh? Gary had much longer lines than Fred in this comic...

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Author Notes:

Woah. It's pretty hard to see shadowrama against a solid black background. Time for another host segment! Probably!

The original version of this comic is here.


16th Jun 2010, 10:38 AM
that was fun :)



Tom: What, again? Why are people surprised so often?
Joel: At least this time he's got an excuse.
Being magically transported into a mystical RPG rulebook is often a surprising event.

Fred: Huh. This is weird.

Jane: Yep, it's an unlit room. Quite unusual.
Crow: Light globes burning out? That's *very* weird.

Gary: Ah! There you are! Let's get on with things!
Fred: Who said that???
Gary: I did.

All: AA-
Tom: *Stop*.
Fred: Yes, yes, it was indeed you saying that. You, the mysterious voice the identity of which I wish to confirm. *Very* helpful.

Bob: ... are you sure we can't say "AAAAH!"?
Trope-tan: Yes, we can't say that any more. It is no longer funny.
Fred: You're not very good at this riffing thing, Bob.

Fred: Soooo... Who are YOU?

Jane: I'm wearing this nametag for a *reason*.
Joel: I can't see any nametag...
Jane: It's right here on my shir- OH NO.

Gary: I am the ghost of Gary Gygax, creator of D&D (and therefore all sorts of things including WoW), and all around awesome guy!

Crow: Sorry, I can't follow this insane troll logic.
Trope-tan: Somehow his creation of D&D entitles him to claim credit for every other fantasy work of all time. I think.
Tom: Yeah, *somehow*.

Fred: Sorry. Never heard of you.

Jane: So you're a hermit, then?
Trope-tan: You've clearly played D&D a *lot*. How can you *not* know who Gary Gygax is?
Bob: Who's Gary Gygax?
Trope-tan: ... ah.

Gary: We're kinda running out of panels. I'll explain next comic.

Fred: You certainly couldn't, say, add a couple more panels on the end! That would be incongruous!
Trope-tan: The chapter is now over!
Joel: Huh. I was actually kinda looking forward to that explanation.
Tom: It can wait. FREEDOM!


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