Comic 124 - MSTed - It Causes Brain Damage

11th Jun 2010, 1:14 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - It Causes Brain Damage

"And here's that aforementioned Room of Harmless Puppies. GRRUROOFRUPERUIW! Apparently, they aren't as harmless as we thought." Puppy! Sit! Roll over! Good puppy! Have a... human leg... Hmm.

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Author Notes:

It's interesting how Tom Servo, previously the least expressive character, is the only character who can convey expression in silhouette.

And to clarify, the FATAL spell in the horrible, horrible RPG of the same name? It ends kills every single living being in the universe. Nope, not overpowered at all.

The original version of this comic is here.


11th Jun 2010, 1:51 PM
Reminds me of a spell called "Genocide" in one of those old ASCII dungeon crawlers that I played a few times but never got into and whose name I now can't remember. But anyway in this game if you cast Genocide on, say, a goblin, the goblin would die, and the text feedback would say simply "There will be no more goblins." And for the rest of the game (as little of it as I saw) there would be no more goblins encountered, anywhere, because you had ended their race permanently with that one spell cast on one of them. Casting it felt SO evil and wrong, like, it instantly made you a horrible racist against whatever species you cast it on. I actually felt really bad using it, and I think never used it again after that first time. :o

11th Jun 2010, 1:53 PM
liked this the first time and still like it - think i've met those puppies btw

11th Jun 2010, 2:47 PM
@smbhax: You probably mean the Genocide spell from Nethack. Indeed, it destroys every member of that species.

Even if you cast it on a member of your own species.

13th Jun 2010, 2:39 AM
I wonder what would happen if you cast Genocide on Trope-tan. Or the elements from Periodus (/PLUG). Or Sailor Moon, or a Hetalia character, or <insert any anthropomorphic personification here>.

14th Jun 2010, 12:14 AM
Upon reflection, I think the Fatal spell you mentioned is worse than that. Due to a glitch in the magic system of the Fatal world, ANY spell cast EVER has a small chance to misfire and cause the end of the universe.
*hastily* Or so I heard.



Jane: We'll need to head through all sorts of dangerous areas...

Joel: Hooray. I love dangerous areas!
Crow: They're a lot less boring!

Jane: The Tunnel With A Slightly Differently Coloured Floor...

Trope-tan: That's not slightly. That's drastically.
Tom: Wait. That line is vaguely familiar.
Fred: Yeah, almost as though we'd read this before...

Jane: And the Room With The Spikey Ceiling...

Bob: It's spelled "spiky".
Jane: Does it look like I'm carrying a dictionary?
Crow: Yeah, we've *definitely* seen something like this before!

Jane: And the Chasm With Really Really High Cliffs...

Joel: Also apparently the Chasm With Really Really Thick Eyebrows.
Jane: This entire panel looks familiar.

Jane: And here's the Hall of Horrible Death for Other People...

Tom: Apparently a completely invisible form of death, leaving no marks on the bald, naked corpses. Creepy.
Fred: And this panel too! We've seen all this before!

Jane: And the Corridor of Mystic Runes...

Jane: Maybe we can cast FATAL from them and end this horrible mess.
Trope-tan: You would actually prefer ''{{FATAL}}'' to this comic?!
Jane: Well, no. It is [[SoBadItsHorrible FATAL]] we're talking about.
This is still pretty bad, though.

Bob: What's next? The Courtyard of Harmless Puppies? Are there any ACTUAL dangerous rooms?
Jane: Oh yes. We've just reached one now.

Joel: Puppies! Here, puppy!
Tom: It's got puppies, so it can't be that bad!
Crow: At last, this work has been redeemed by the inclusion of puppies.

Jane: The Passageway of Very Toxic Chlorine Gas...

Joel: That's... not a puppy...
Trope-tan: Aha, figured it out! This page is stolen, *verbatim*, from TheOrderOfTheStick.
Jane: Really? We knew this was a bad comic, but stealing an entire page? Woah.


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