Comic 122 - MSTed - Gone Too Far

6th Jun 2010, 5:00 PM in Take That Us
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MSTed - Gone Too Far

"Bob is not happy." Yep. "Bob is angry." Presumably, considering the sharply angular monobrow and capitalisation. Your point? "See Bob climb out of the comic." True, he *is* doing that. Very observant of you, Titular. You may have a title-treat.

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Author Notes:

If you have not seen any MST3K, this is a bad thing. To remedy this sad situation, I have linked below some good episodes of MST3K on Google Video.

The original version of this comic is here.


8th Jun 2010, 4:44 PM



Dada da da (da da, da da da da) Dada da da...

Jane: Does that movie take up *every* commercial slot you've got?
Joel: Pretty much, yeah.
Crow: Hey, at least it isn't Mentos.

Crow: That's getting really annoying.
Bob: I think that's the last one, anyway.

Bob: Fantastic. It's in black and white too.

Trope-tan: And various shades of grey. Don't forget the shades of grey.
Tom: Those are very, very long arms...

Bob: Now to go not get heard by everybody...

Crow: Except us.
Jane: And anyone else reading the comic.
Joel: So not really "everybody" at all, then?

Jane: Hi handsome!

Bob: Nope, there's another one.
Fred: You called *Bob* handsome?
Jane: I'm not the one writing these lines.

Bob: Didn't I JUST say that you couldn't hear me?
Jane: Pardon?

Jane: How should I know whether you'd said that, assuming I can't hear you?
Trope-tan: And no. You said that "everybody" would not hear you. Pretty sure you didn't specifically mention Jane.

Bob: Another lame joke? All right, I am SICK of this comic!
Jane: I can't hear you...

Joel: We all are, Bob. We all are.
Bob: I'm shouting pretty loudly now! Here, I'll shout even louder! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!?
Fred: Are you sure your hearing aid is turned on, ma'am?

Bob: I'm outta here!
Jane: Wait!

Tom: Don't forget your *fish*!
Crow: You dropped your plot coupon!
Joel: The exit is the *other* way!

Jane: I need to advance the plot!

Crow: A plot? Where?!
Jane: I think I *was* going to explain one on the next page.
Didn't really work out.


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